How to Make Your Own Bachelorette Party Invitations

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Bachelorette Party Games That Cost Nothing

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1)  Quiz the Couple:
Before the bachelorette party, send the groom a list of questions. Ask him things like, “Where was your first date?” “What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever done in front of her?” “What article of clothing of hers do you dislike most?” “When did you first say you loved her?”  During the bachelorette party ask the bride the same questions and see how well their answers match up.

TIP: If there’s a tech savvy bridesmaid in your group have her film the groom’s response. She can then play the video during the bachelorette party so the bride can see his reactions to all of the questions and hear a personal message from him.

2)  Scavenger Hunt:
Organize a fun scavenger hunt for your bachelorette party crew around town.  You can make the hunt as tame or as scandalous as you want, just keep the bride’s wishes in mind.  Have guests search for anything from adult toys to cupcakes from the best bakery around.

TIP:  Incorporate items representative of the bride’s relationship with her best gal pals. Maybe it’s a menu from her favorite place to have brunch with the girls or a photo from your last weekend away together.

3)  Lingerie Guessing Game:
Ask each guest to bring an item of lingerie for the bride-to-be. Have the bride guess which friend brought each gift.  Every time she guesses incorrectly, have her sip her drink. The bride will end up with a great selection of lingerie for the honeymoon!

TIP:  Provide a suggested spending amount to guests to avoid having anyone feel awkward for spending too little or too much.

4)  Ex Charades:
Spice up traditional game of charades and have your bachelorette party guests act out funny moments from the bride’s dating history.  Maybe it’s the time she tripped in front of a crush or dated a hot but stupid guy. Everyone will get a kick out of reliving her dating mistakes before meeting Mr. Right.

TIP:  If the groom’s close friends or family members are in attendance, be sure to keep things appropriate. The bride likely does not want to share too many details about her exes with her future in-laws.

5)  Truth or Dare:
Bring back this classic game! Collect suggested truth and dare submissions from guests in advance and make cards for everyone to hand the bride throughout the bachelorette party weekend. Get creative and give the bride funny dares, or ask her sweet truths, such as, “when did you first know you wanted to marry your fiancé?” If she won’t answer or take a dare, then she has to sip her drink!

TIP: Ask a crafty bridesmaid to make the cards and decorate them with both funny and cute pictures of the couple.  They will make great mementos of the weekend for the bride-to-be.

I want to Read More Bachelorette Party Games.

Bachelorette Party at Gay Bar

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Please Don’t Host your Bachelorette Party at My Favorite Gay Bar

I have been meaning to do this post since last July and was inspired today by a friend, and gay bar owner’Facebook update, which I will share later in this post.

(Thank you Wayne for stoking the fire that already existed inside of me!) You may or may not be aware that the latest “trend” the past few years (and increasing at an alarming pace) is bachelorette parties being held at gay bars.


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3 Clean Bachelorette Party Gift Ideas

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DESTINATION42.COM — So you’ve received the invite with plenty of pink and maybe even a comical phallus or two letting you know immediately that a raucous bachelorette party is in your future.

Bachelorette Party Playlist

But before you strap on your stilettos and buy that bride-to-be a shot you’ve got to get her a gift. And if you aren’t into swinging by a sex shop or trashy lingerie store on your lunch hour – or you just want to get a little more creative – we’ve got the solution.

These bachelorette party gifts have all the hallmarks of the classics: they’re sexy and fun. But more importantly, they’re items the bride will truly enjoy and almost certainly gift ideas that no one else at the bachelorette party will have thought of.


  1. A subscription to Enclosed, a panty-of-the-month service

    For a bride that’s more into classy than trashy, the Enclosed service is perfect. Each month she’ll receive a lovely box filled with flower petals and a pair of high-end knickers based on her style from brands like Maison Close, Eberjey and Lou Paris. You can get the bride a one, three, six or 12-month subscription (each month is about $50) so it’s a great idea for a solo gift or if the bridal party wants to go in on one big thing together. Plus it’ll give her something to look forward to after the wedding as well.



2. Enroll her in a champagne club

Similar to Enclosed, but for a bride who’s not so into lingerie, a champagne club like the one fromChandon will send her two to three bottles six times a year, so she can sample bruts, rosés and cuvées with the fancy champagne flutes she registered for. There are also special perks when she visits the winery (maybe on another girls’ trip or with her partner). The cost is about $80 per month, you can order as many months as you’d like and she’ll have the option to continue on her own after that.


3. Get a Love Is Art Kit for both of them to enjoy

For something a little more risqué, but still very classy, the Love Is Art Kit is a fun idea. Created by South African artist Jeremy Brown, the kits include a blank canvas and all-natural, non-toxic paint and start at $60. Couples lay down the canvas, add a little paint and … well … take it from there. There are even two pairs of disposable slippers to get you from the bed to the bathroom after and a body scrubber to help clean up. After the couple create their masterpiece they can get their canvas mounted (that’s what she said) and smile to themselves whenever someone compliments their “beautiful painting.”


Bachelorette party – cheap ideas

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My MOH chose I have to host a Bachelorette gathering, alongside my shower. I know I ought to be energized, however stopped obviously I’m perplexed it will simply be a frustration. Despite the fact that my sister worked so hard on all the sustenance for my shower and it was wonderful, nobody else minded.

On the off chance that I begin thinking about the Bach gathering I’m going to be disillusioned when nobody else minds.

My BM don’t have any cash  it is highly unlikely they can bear to come, not to mention pay for, my Bachelorette party. We were initially thinking post moving classes or a vaudeville show, however those all expense $30-50. The main way my BM could come is whether it is no all the more then possibly $10. Furthermore I am all the more then ready to pay my own particular way.

Anybody have a fabulous time, shabby thoughts that are still kind of Back gathering like?

I think we’re going pub crawling for mine, yet I’m certain its going to be more than $10 a head. For under $10, you all could likely do a young ladies night in? Perhaps a “sleep gathering” subject, BYOB?

You can just do a get together at somebody house have snacks and play recreations. In the event that you might like I could send you a few amusements that I observed that I think might be fun.

Hold up, none of your Bms can bear the cost of more than $10? On the other hand would it say it is stand out that can’t bear the cost of more than that? I’d say a bar forager chase (maintain a strategic distance from spots with spread) – whoever can stand to drink beverages, and most individuals have either a computerized Polaroid or telephone with a Polaroid.

The sleep party thought is a great one, as well. Possibly a day at the shore? Swim some, tan some, walk the minimal touristy shops some – this just works in case you’re close to the beach as of recently, however.

Yes, the sleep party thought is great.

“shock parties” (grown-up toy gatherings) are FREE ~ and they are fun. The deals rep might be exceptionally interesting, you play recreations, win prizes. No prerequisites to purchase stuff. (at the same time she is extremely discrete on the off chance that you do wish to get something – sets up in a separate space for her “store” and gives everybody their things in a paper sack)

The single girl gathering I was at, the lady verified what she might like, and we were all ready to take a gander at the schedule and choose in the event that we needed to purchase something for her off the schedule and/or something for ourself.

I concur with young ladies night in. I am fortunate enough that my MOH’s guardians have a beach house close here that they are giving us a chance to use for the weekend free of charge. Then again, I know the greater part of my companions are strapped for money so the first night we are heading off to the footpath which is free permission with a free show on the sunny shore so it gets to be use as meager or to the extent that you might like. The second night, we are going to stay in the vacation spot house and play diversions… I adore prepackaged games so we are part up the gathering into groups and making a fun rivalry out of the amusements. Young ladies night in is dependably a huge amount of fun and shoddy!

I’m not so much a getting wasted sort young lady, henceforth the past plans of seeing a show or taking a shaft moving class.

I simply need individuals to need to go to my shower, I couldn’t care less as much about what we do, as long as individuals need to do it with me.

Tragically we don’t generally have anybody’s house we could go to. I live with my father still, and my sisters well-suited is TINY.

Yet despite the fact that we live close to the vacation spot, its the chilly WA shores.

Furthermore yes, its numerous BM’s that could just bear the cost of $10. also that is extending it. They don’t have employments.

My sis/MOH says that on the off chance that they can’t concoct the cash that is their issue, not our own  however I don’t see the purpose of doing a gathering if my companions can’t come.

Joint or CoEd Bachelorette Party

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Great Ideas for Joint Bachelorette Party


These days its becoming increasingly common to host a joint bachelor/bachelorette party. No longer is it mandatory that brides and grooms would celebrate their final single days separately with competing bachelorette and bachelor parties.

For brides and grooms that share a lot of the same friends, hosting two separate parties may seem like kind of a waste of time and twice the expenses — and a missed opportunity to celebrate with all their loved ones before the big day.

To obviate this a new trend in pre-wedding parties has started to emerge: The bachelor/bachelorette party hybrid, which brings all friends together for a big combined bash with everyone enjoying a crazy good time.

Instead of focusing on a bash for just the bride or just the groom, this joint party can be inspired by who the bride and groom are as a couple, along with their shared interests and friends.

If you’re the one tasked with hosting these joint parties, you might veer away from the same tired old club-and-stripped script.

Here are some out-of-the-box inspirational ideas that will appease all attendees, perfect for your co-ed bachelorette party.

Bachelor Bachelorette Competition

Instead of the typical rowdy club scene, challenge your wedding party to a friendly bridesmaids vs. groomsmen sports showdown.

Rent out some field or gym space, get some team T-shirts, and the possibilities are endless — dodge ball, flag football, even a series of Olympic-style relay games could be a total trip.

Encouraging some competitive play can help bond your bachelorette party, and you all can keep the fun going at a sports bar, where the losing team can pick up the bar tab.

Road Trip

For the couple looking to participate in the typical bachelor/bachelorette party activities (night clubs, a stripper or two, and partying into the wee hours of the morning), consider renting a van or bus and driving to Vegas, or another nearby city as a group instead of just the bridesmaids or just the groomsmen going their way separately.

It’s like a field trip for adults, but instead of ending up on a boring walking tour, your final destination is an epic bash.

Obviously major fun will be had at whichever venue you end up, but turning the drive into it’s own co-ed road trip adventure will give your joint celebration a totally fun experience.

Adult Sleep Away Camp

Who said that sleep away camp is just for kids? All over the country there are adults-only summer camps that bring out the kid in you while still offering up adult perks like no curfew and plenty of booze.

Couples looking for a more authentic camp experience should consider Camp No Counselors, where the day is filled with fun camp activities and the night is filled with open bars and all-night themed parties.

Camp Grounded is more akin to the camp experience you remember as a kid, full of games, fireside s’mores, and crafting, but without any adult distractions, like alcohol or technology.

There are even programs like Adult Space Academy, for everyone that might be too old for space camp but would still jump at the chance to learn about being a real-life astronaut.

Good Old Fashioned Camping

A trip to the great outdoors may be just what you and your fiancé need to destress from planning the wedding.

As opposed to the wild party that happens at some adult sleep away camps, a wedding party camping trip is all about enjoying the great outdoors.

You can opt for the authentic camping trip experience and head to a nearby campground to set up tents, build a fire, and really rough it in the wilderness, or rent a cabin so that you can spend more time hiking, fishing, and enjoying more mellow outdoor activities

We suggest checking the Kampgrounds of America website to find a camping reservation near you.

Backyard Barbecue

The best thing about throwing an easy backyard party is that it’s, well, easy. There typically isn’t a whole lot of planning and coordinating involved, and it is way cheaper than planning a huge destination bachelor bash, so the wedding party doesn’t have to worry about emptying their wallets for yet another wedding expense.

Creating a theme, finding fun decorations, setting up outdoor games, and customizing an out-of-the-ordinary barbecue menu can give your celebration the playful, youthful party vibe for which bachelor parties are typically known.

Great Bachelorette Party Ideas

Who to choose as your bridesmaid(s)

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Once the marriage proposal has been accepted, one of the most important decisions the bride-to-be has to make is whoto ask to be the bridesmaids.

According to Wikipedia, “Bridesmaids are members of the bride’s party in a wedding. A bridesmaid is typically a young woman, and often a close friend or sister.”

When you don’t have a short-list of possibles bridesmaids, here’s guidance of how to whittle down your shortlist:

Loyalty and honor — Girl Scouts across the U.S. sing a song about friendship that has the following lyrics: “Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other’s gold.” This one’s easy. If you have still managed to keep in touch with your oldest friends then honoring their loyalty with choosing them is a good strategy.

The spoilt brat — Weddings are a wonderful life event, but they tend to bring out the very best and very worst in those who partake. What you do not want to do is choose a bridesmaid that you must babysit or handhold on your Big Day. There will already be enough stress as it is.

Keep your friends close, your bridesmaids closer — Those who reside closer to you are better able to help with th effort it takes to pull off the big day. Whether it means helping by taking over some chores, running some errands, helping with fitting the wedding dress, helping to decide on the invites, and a million other seemingly insignificant issues.

Marital Support — a great consideration to take into account is how the individual supports your relationship and appreciates your future spouse. Having women around you who will help your marriage through the years is a great idea. As opposed to enrolling the help of naysayers standing alongside you as you say your wedding vows and embark on newlywed life.

Helpful contributer — Your bridesmaids are meant to help you in the planning of your wedding and during your wedding day. They also contribute vitally to planning your bridal shower and bachelorette party. Selecting women who are just not that into you or your big day can be a let down. This choice of bridesmaids can leave you with more work than you anticipated. On the other hand, if you are and easy go with the flow person you may want similar minded friends as bridesmaids to avoid feeling over planned or pressured.

Family Pressure — You may initally think that your wedding is supposed to be all about you and your husband to be, but your family and future family-in-law may have other ideas. In order to keep the familial peace you may find that you need to accept other siblings as part of your wedding train. Be prepared for this is face family tension in future years.

The tips above will help you make an informed decision and avoid stumbling blindly into a choice of bridesmaid you could later come to regret.

Great Bachelorette Party Ideas

Great Bachelorette Party Themes

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Great Bachelorette Party Themes




How can you make your bachelorette party stand out? Choose a theme that will be fun for all the girls attending the party. There are many options, and a few are outlined below.

First, is there a festive holiday coming up? If so, it might make a great bachelorette party theme. For the Fourth of July, a bachelorette can dress up in 40s clothing, military wear, or everyone can dress as USO girls. Valentine’s Day is a great time for the girls to all dress as cupid or Victoria’s Secret angels. There are similar options of clothing to wear for Halloween, Christmas, or Mardi Gras, depending on when you are having the bachelorette party.

Another great theme, especially for girls who are marrying men in the military, is a GI Jane theme. A GI Jane bachelorette party shows support for the troops and is fun to boot! Everyone can dress up in military garb, including camouflage or other items you can find at a military surplus store. You can also make your bachelorette party a charitable endeavor by raising money for troop families and donating it to the American Red Cross or another charitable organization after the party. Just get all the girls dressed up, go out to your favorite bar, and collect money that will make your night out on the town a bit more meaningful. The donation can be made in the name of the bride-to-be, to make it clear that it is her special night out.




For a classic theme, especially with a bride you have known since childhood, dress the entire bachelorette party as naughty school girls. If you want attention when you are out, nothing gets more second looks than school girl outfits. Think Britney Spears when she first hit the music scene, plaid skirts, pigtails, and light classic makeup. You can also play songs that fit the theme of the night, like School’s Out for Summer, some Britney Spears music, and anything else that mentions school.

A fun theme, especially if the bride is not the first of your group of friends to get married, is a nightmare bridesmaid dress contest themed bachelorette party. Have all the bridesmaids dress up in the worst bridesmaid dresses they have either been forced to wear in a previous wedding or that they borrow from friends. Most girls have at least one bad bridesmaid dress lurking in their closet, and this is a great way to get a laugh out of those bad dresses! Make sure all the girls play up their makeup to go along with the bad dresses, go out for a few drinks and a lot of laughs, and give a great prize to the girl who has the most hideous dress, especially if she actually had to wear it to a wedding!



No matter what theme you choose for the bachelorette party you are planning, the important thing is to ask the bride-to-be what type of party she is willing to have, with close attention paid to whether she wants a lot of attention out on the town or a more quiet night in with her friends. Make sure you don’t make the bride uncomfortable at her own bachelorette party!