Best Local Nearby Bachelorette Ideas

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If the thought of going away for a weekend won’t work for your group because of size or budget reasons, don’t give up hope on having a great bachelorette party. It doesn’t have to be far from home to be fun and memorable. Here are 12 of our favorite themes and ideas.

1. Spa Bachelorette Party 

Have a spa day at a local full-service spa that offers everything from massages and mud wraps to facials and manicures. Everyone—especially the bride—will appreciate the stress-buster, and you can end the day with low-key dinner and drinks at a restaurant. 

2. Club Bachelorette Party

Whether it’s a drag show, a swanky nightclub, a disco bar or something else entirely, find a club with the perfect vibe for the bride. Reserve a table for your group and dress up in themed attire or just your most dance-worthy outfit. 

3. Country Bar Bachelorette Party

If she’s a country girl at heart, take the bride to a good old-fashioned country Western bar for line dancing, mechanical bull rides and pitchers of beer. Don’t forget to wear your cowboy boots and hats!

4. Karaoke Bachelorette Party

Go to a karaoke bar to sing your hearts out, or rent a private room at a karaoke bar so everyone can, um, dazzle the group. Go to dinner beforehand and then once you’re at the bar, make sure the drinks are flowing. Some people may need liquid courage, after all. 

5. Casino Bachelorette Party 

If you love to gamble, hold the bachelorette party at a casino, whether it’s local or in Las Vegas. Most have a nice restaurant, and you might also want to see a show or book rooms overnight. The great thing about gambling parties (other than the free drinks) is that some may walk away with winnings! Just remember the odds are against you, so if betting is your thing, put down only what you can afford to lose.

6. Astrology Bachelorette Party

If the bride knows her Sun and Moon signs, plus her partner’s rising sign, we can predict with almost perfect accuracy that she’ll love an astrology-themed party. Hire a tarot card reader and an astrologer to do everyone’s chart. This idea could be a big hit, and not just with the bride. Who doesn’t want to know what the future holds?

7. High Tea Bachelorette Party

If your friend wants an elegant affair, consider a high tea party, complete with lace doilies, finger sandwiches, petit fours, scones, clotted cream and a variety of tea. You can easily host a tea in someone’s home, or if you want to splurge, make reservations at a fancy local tearoom.

8. Comedy Club Bachelorette Party

Your group is guaranteed to get attention at a comedy club—when the stand-ups know you’re there with a bride-to-be, expect plenty of R-rated jokes. Call the club in advance, tell them what you’re celebrating and reserve a front-row table. Ask about a group discount if there’s a cover charge, and order plenty of drinks for the table. 

9. Outdoor Bachelorette Party

Does the bride love the great outdoors? Consider a nature-filled bachelorette party. Go camping in tents or glamping in a cabin in a local state park. Hiking, canoeing, swimming, fishing and horseback riding are fun activity options. Just make sure all guests know what clothes and necessities to pack.

10. Beach Bachelorette Party

If you do want to get away for a night or two, take off for the nearest beach and have a mellow seaside party. Who doesn’t love lounging on the sand with a margarita? Depending on the time of year, you can get great off-season package deals on hotels. Check with a travel agent about availability and special group rates. 

11. Cooking Class Bachelorette Party

Ask the bride what her favorite cuisine is, and then attend a cooking class based on her preference—Mexican and Italian are always big hits. You could also hire a private chef to come cook for the group and have a dinner party at someone’s home instead. 

12. Wine Tasting Bachelorette Party

Go to a local winery or restaurant and have a wine tasting—even better if you can pair each round with delicious cheese, fruit and charcuterie boards. You can also hire a sommelier to come to someone’s home and do a private tasting so nobody has to worry about driving home. 


Best bachelorette party ideas

How to Throw an Awesome Bachelorette Party

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25 Ways to Throw an Awesome Bachelorette Party


Tasked with throwing an epic bachelorette party?


Before you hit “send” on that group email, polling everyone on what they think you all should do, read these planning pearls of wisdom from maids of honor and brides.


Follow their stress-less advice, and you’re all guaranteed to have an amazing time!


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Cheap Bachelorette Party Ideas

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bachelorette party ideas

A good Bachelorette Party will be a great memory for the bride and her friends for a LIFETIME and therefore shouldn’t be cut out entirely from the Wedding festivities, however, you can follow some of the creative tips below for some cost savings on things you won’t even miss!


Slumber Party – The ultimate girls-only gathering, a slumber party, is a good way to get in touch with your roots — especially if you and the bride are childhood friends. Just pick a place to crash — the maid with the biggest couch wins of course!

Stock up on DVDs of the horror movies that scared you senseless in high school, or the latest and greatest chick flicks. Bring along all the necessary supplies and give each other manicures and pedicures during the party. Order a pizza and tease the delivery boy like you did when you were 12. Pick a frozen drink to blend and tell stories (keep them lighthearted) where you each take a big sip every time someone makes the bride blush.

The Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt– With this popular game you can send your bachelorettes all over town on a chase for the scavenger hunt list of goodies! For the best scavenger hunt make sure it has lot’s of personal things about the bride or fit’s with the theme of your bachelorette party! Google the famous FREE Bachelorette Party Scavenger Hunt called The Brides Favorite Scavenger Hunt! It’s the Best!

Plan your own Party – Forget about one of those expensive party planners – With all the info on this blog you can easily plan your own party and do it better than any party planner could…and frankly because you know the bride better than a party planner does, YOUR party will be more about her anyway!

Get free Invitations and e-mail them! I have scoured the web and found the Best (and worst) FREE Bachelorette Party Invitations. Shop around for deals – Prices for the same services can vary greatly! For example you may find one Limo company that charges hundreds of dollars more than another. Shopping around can pay off BIG!

Buy drinks to have at the Pre-Party or in the Limo– Just look at it this way…every drink you have at the bar will cost you twice as much as a drink you mix yourself. Plan to have a few drinks at a pre-party or in the Limo on the way to the club. You will drink fewer drinks at the bar or club and save lot’s of $$$!

cheap bachelorette party gamesBake you own Naughty Cake – Why go get an expensive bakery when you can make your own cake for just a few dollars. Grab a cake mix of your choice and Chocolate or Pink frosting (Bride’s Preference!). Make a regular sheet cake and freeze it. Once the cake is frozen you can cut it into any shape and frost it! Check out this funny and informative article on the Art of creating a Penis cake.

Burn your own Bachelorette Party Tunes for the Limo ride, instead of buying a special CD. Check out his list of great song choices for the Bachelorette Party!

Pick an cost saving Bachelorette Party Idea– A night in a Limo can be a little pricey, but see below for a list of Bachelorette Party Ideas than can be incredibly FUN on the cheap!

The Bachelorette Biker Party– Find some friends with motorcycles to take the Bride and bachelorettes for a wild ride on motorcycles! Have all the bachelorettes dress for the motorcycle ride (lot’s of leather and Harley Davidson stuff and don’t forget some cool temporary tattoos!) and end the night at the local Biker bar and extend your good time!

Find a local Fun Park or set up your own Bachelorette Olympics – Try an obstacle course, jousting, a ropes course…you come up with the games and keep the competition going with great prizes for the Bride-to-be and the bachelorettes!

A Camping Bachelorette Party – Gather the tents and tell you guests to bring their sleeping bag for a night under the stars complete with a bonfire and ghost stories…What a Blast!

A Bachelorette Bike Ride– Start by decorating the brides bike, gathering a picnic lunch and head out on the trail with your bachelorettes! This bachelorette party will relax the bride and keep her in shape for her wedding dress!

The Bachelorette vs. the Bachelors Baseball/Football Game-Have the bachelorette party challenge the bachelor Party to a friendly game of baseball or Football. Assign cheerleaders and come up with cheers for each team. Wear team T-shirts –Bachelorette T-shirts for the Girls & Bachelor T-shirts for the Boys!

Frisbee Golf Bachelorette Party– Enjoy a round of Frisbee gold with the bride and bachelorettes at your local university or college. After your round give the winners a prize and head to the local college bars for some fun and drinks!

Rollerskating Bachelorette Party– Head to the local roller rink for a flashback bachelorette that everyone will be talking about. Tell the bachelorettes to dress in their favorite retro rollerskating outfits and make sure the DJ knows the bride’s favorite tunes!

Bachelorette Bowling Tournament– Invite the bachelorettes to compete at your very own bowling tournament. Divide your groups into teams and offer prizes for High score, best outfit, best bowling cheer, etc. 

cheap bachelorette party gamesThe Bachelorette Habitat for Humanity Party– Get out your tool belt and grab your bachelorettes for a FUN day of helping others and building homes! Invite the hottest carpenters on the job to the “after party” at your local pub!

The Bachelorette “Walk” Party– Pick the brides favorite charity and join in their walk event. Get the entire Bachelorette Party matching shirts and make sure each bachelorette has a lot of sponsors donating for your group. At the end of the walk donate all of the proceeds in the brides name.

The Bachelorette Car wash– Hold a Car wash to raise money for the brides favorite charity. Ask all the bachelorettes to bring car washing supplies and to make signs. The bride will be so moved by your event that she will never forget her wonderful friends!

The Bachelorette Trash Pick-Up Party– Take the bachelorette party to the brides favorite park and spend a few hours picking up trash. After the work is over enjoy a relaxing picnic along with party games.

Have a Bachelorette Day at the Local Animal Shelter– Take the entire Bachelorette Group to the local animal shelter for a fun day with the dogs and cats. Volunteer to help with an adoption fair, feed the animals, walk the dogs, clean up the kennels, etc.

Climb a Mountain with your Bachelorettes– Pick a small mountain, perhaps a 3-4 hour hike to the top (for example: Mt. Si near Seattle would be a perfect choice). Pack some snacks and your camera and make it a quest. Most people have never climbed a mountain – and what a great memory for both the Bride and the Bachelorettes.

Bachelorette Beach Party– Share a day under the warm sun with the Bride and Bachelorettes. Bring food and enjoy games and drinks on the beach. After the sun sets on your lazy day, enjoy a bonfire on the beach! 

Bachelorette Movie Night Under the Stars– With a little planning this can be a great event…find your local outdoor movie venue or rent a dvd projector and use the side of the garage as your screen! Have each guest bring their lawn chair and a bottle of wine. Don’t forget to find out the brides favorite movie! 

Yoga Bachelorette Party– Help the Bride find her Zen with a personalized yoga class just for the bride and her bachelorettes. Decorate a special Yoga mat for the bride and afterward head to your favorite smoothie bar for a rejuvenating mango banana power drink!

Bachelorette Back Yard BBQ– Build a fire in the fire pit, poor some wine or cold beer and invite the bachelorettes over for a fun time in the backyard. Add a few party gamesand this idea is a real winner! 

cheap bachelorette party gamesBachelorette Slumber Party– Grab some party games and the brides favorite munchies and you have a great party in no time. Circle the sleep bags on the living room floor, grab the brides favorite movies (cheesy romance such as “16 candles” or old-school scary such as “Pet Cemetery”…you pick! This party is perfect for the bride who wants to experience the Good old days one more time!

Bachelorette Movie night– See a movie at the theater or enjoy a night in with your favorite DVDs. Afterward play a movie trivia game! Don’t forget the popcorn! Check out this list of 20 GREAT bachelorette MOVIES!

Bachelorette Game Night– Invite the bachelorettes to a Board Game Olympics complete with prizes! All you need is 3+ board games and someone to keep score!  Ramp up the fun by making one or more of the games a drinking game!  Just make sure you have a safe ride home planned for each Bachelorette.

Wine Tasting Bachelorette Party– Pick your theme (such as California Red Wines or Pinot Grigiot) from the Brides favorites and ask every Bachelorette to bring a bottle from this group. Grab some cheeses, bread and chocolate and you have yourself a party! To take it up another notch invite a local Sommelier to give the party a more educational flare!  Make the party super easy with a Wine Tasting Party Kit!  Filled with everything you need for a great party (except the wine!)

Pizza Making Bachelorette Party– Pick up your favorite toppings and invite the Bachelorettes over to make their favorite pizza. Let the bride judge the pizza making contest and give the winner a prize!

Bachelorette Fondue Party – Last minute parties can be great too! Call your local fondue restaurant and book their best table (The Melting Pot is a GREAT choice). After a night of gooey cheeses and decadent chocolates head to the local dance club to burn those extra calories!

Poker Night – Want something a little lower key than Vegas?…have a Poker night or Casino Night at home! Grab some poker chips, a couple of decks of cards (Naughty Cards of course!) and some great food and you have yourself a great party!  Need a little help with the rules & stuff – grab a Casino Night Party Kit, and it’s a breeze!

Dueling Pianos Bachelorette Party– Find you local dueling piano bar and take the bride and bachelorettes for a great night. Make sure to gather everyone’s favorite songs and to let the staff and piano players know that the bachelorette party wants to be in on the fun!

Comedy Club Bachelorette Party – If a night of laughter with friends is just what the bride needs just find your local comedy club and book a table near the stage. Before the show ask your server if the bride can be announced to the audience!

cheap bachelorette party gamesKaraoke Bachelorette Party– Write a bunch of the brides favorite songs down (or check out the great list of Bachelorette Party Songs in the House of Bachelorette Blog) and put them in a fish bowl. Then have each Bachelorette draw a song out of the bowl. If you really want to see a good show, draw the songs a few days prior to the cheap Bachelorette Party and let everyone practice their songs!

Don’t forget your supplies for the perfect Bachelorette Party.

Below are some of our most popular Cheaper items:

Wiggly Penis Tiara with Veil Party Pecker Candy Dishes – Filled with Candy! What the F*ck? Game – The Raunchy Version
What the F*ck? – Totally F*cked Up Version Black Bachelorette Party Veil – Very Hip Drink Master Says – Party Card Game
You May Now Fuck the Bride Thong Picture It – A Drawing Game What the F*ck? Game – The Skanky Version
Bachelorette Party Decoration For Your Car Something Blue Garter Bride to Be Sash – White Diamante
Bride to Be Sash – Black Diamante The Candy Bra Sex Scratchers – 100 Sexy Lottery Tickets
Bachelorette Sash – White Flashing Bachelorette Sash – Pink Gemstone Bachelorette Sash – Pink Flashing
Bachelorette First Aid Kit – A Vibrator! Bridal Party Sash Set – 8 Sashes Light Up Penis Ring Toss
Pin the Torpedo on the Sailor Pink Penis Boa – Clearance! Bachelorette Flask and Shot Glass – Clearance!

5 Alternate Bachelorette Party Destinations

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For many brides-to-be, the bachelorette party is no longer contained to a couple debauched hours on a Saturday night. The traditional festivities are now more like mini honeymoons with your besties. The evolution of this rite of passage is an opportunity to make memories beyond those involving lots of vodka and a Las Vegas DJ. For those brides who are looking for something a little bit different, we have a few options to consider.

New Orleans, Louisiana
If you think New Orleans, Louisiana, is only a blast during Mardi Gras, think again. The Big Easy is a prime place for a wild girls’ night out. Book a couple of chic rooms— or the stunning three-bedroom penthouse suite!— at the newly opened Henry Howard Hotel, a circa 1860s mansion-turned-boutique hotel in the Garden District. The Parlor Bar is the perfect place to kick things off with a Bloody Mary, or bring in a yoga teacher for a class with your girls. In addition to a special dinner at hot-spot Cochon and a fancy jazz brunch at Commander’s Palace, you can keep busy with bike tours, shopping on Frenchman and Magazine streets, and plenty of live music.

Key West, Florida
If lying on a lounge chair, frozen cocktail or glass of rosé in hand, is your idea of a good time, Key West might be the place for you and your maids. On the furthest south island in Florida (and the Southern-most point in the continental U.S.), things are super chill, with a kind of New Orleans-at-the-beach vibe. Along with unlimited hours of bronzing and countless adorable inns to stay in, there are opportunities for fun activities, too. A kayak tour is the coolest way to explore the keys, plus it’ll help tone up your arms for the wedding! And for afterward, the sea-side bars are open late for lots of dancing. Bachelorette Party Ideas



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Bachelorette Party Ideas NYC

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Every bit of planning your impending nuptials has been specific to you and your wants. You’ve got the significant other who put a ring on it (hopefully) and the perfect dress, and as the clock winds down on your single days, you deserve an unconventional celebration that’s just as personalized, beyond the usual fare of bodycon dresses and bars.

Below are eight creative ideas to sub in for your bachelorette party — don’t worry, several of them still involve booze, and at least one involves dancing men. Of course, if the idea of hitting the bars with your bridesmaids is still appealing, you’re more than welcome to do it all in one weekend.


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What to expect at the Bachelorette Party

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Got your first invitation to a bachelorette party and not so sure what to expect? We’re here to help with answers to your most-asked questions:

What really happens at a bachelorette party?
This is a tricky one, because these days, women are having all kinds of bachelorette parties. Lots of brides-to-be choose to celebrate with a spa day, a wine tasting, a weekend camping trip, or anything that fits their interests. If that’s the case, your invitation will tell you!

If that’s not the case, you’re likely in for a classic bachelorette bash — a fun girls’ night out! Expect to start with dinner, maybe a small activity, and then a night at a bar or club.

What should I bring?
First, ask the host if she needs help stocking up on food, drinks, or decorations. You could offer to get the bride a fun veil to wear out or suggest a fun game.

Also, plan to bring some extra cash. In most cases, the guests don’t let the bachelorette pay for anything, so plan to buy the bride-to-be a drink or two. Plus, you can offer to chip in for other costs.

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Bachelorette Party Planning Ideas

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Planning a Great Bachelorette Party

In the current era of women’s empowerment, bachelor parties are matched with fun and exciting bachelorette parties for the ladies.  Some basic tips on how to plan a great bachelorette party can be followed by anyone, from a seasoned pro at hosting parties to a novice.

First, virtually anyone can offer to host a bachelorette party.  Usually the maid of honor or bridesmaids take the lead in planning the party, but any friend or relative can plan the party.

An important tip in bachelorette party planning is that if you need to make reservations for a show or other activity, you’ll want guests to formally RSVP.

No matter who takes charge, all interested ladies should have some input in planning the bachelorette party, and the bride herself can be consulted to determine what she thinks would be a fun time.

Bachelorette parties usually include all the bridesmaids and closest female friends of the bride, which may include a few relatives, neighbors, or coworkers.

A bachelorette party is usually a relatively small group, and definitely under 20 people.  Around 10 or fewer girls is usually ideal, so that planning and going out aren’t difficult.

As for the date of a bachelorette party, don’t plan it for the night before the wedding, the last thing the bride needs to be thinking about is a possible hangover or going home early from her own party.

One good option is to have the bachelorette party the same weekend as the bachelor party, so you may want to coordinate with the groom to get the date set.

Planning is rather personalized to the group hosting the party.  One girl can take the lead, or a group can plan together, such as all the bridesmaids or a clique from college.

Some bachelorette hosts ask for donations from each guest, but the bride shouldn’t be expected to contribute to the fund.

Bachelorette parties, especially those hosted in someone’s home, don’t have to be expensive, and can even be potluck events.

Generally, bachelorette parties are usually very informal and free form.

Bachelorette parties are more laid-back and less structured than traditional bridal showers, and there is no “typical” bash.

What usually comes to mind, though, is a group of giggling girls and a bride dressed up in a funny shirt or veil.  You can paint the town red if that suits the bride, but you can also have other celebrations.

You can opt for a nice dinner out, a concert, or a party at someone’s house, including a possible slumber party, especially if some of the guests are from out of town.

If you do go out, make sure that all the guests know how to dress – do you have a theme color or is everyone going to wear a feather boa?

Are you all bringing items for the bride to wear, like a novelty tee-shirt and a veil?

The bachelorette party is not a gift party in the same way a shower is, but presents are usually given that are silly or a bit naughty.

Encourage guests to buy inexpensive gag gifts, sexy gifts, or lingerie for the wedding night.

Hope you enjoyed these bachelorette party ideas.

Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas (That Don’t Involve Strip Clubs)

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Just because it’s your last hurrah as a (sort of) single gal, you don’t have to be harassed by a “fireman” in a grungy strip club.

Bachelorette parties should be a time to celebrate your upcoming nuptials with friends, not doing something that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Read on for our suggestions for bachelorette parties that don’t involve strip clubs. >>

UNexpectedly Good Bachelorette Party Ideas

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If the thought of spending your bachelorette party doing shots of Jager and dancing on tables makes your abs hurt, and not in a good way, it may be time to rethink one of matrimony’s most time honored traditions.

No one says you need to usher in wedded bliss with a blistering headache. These five alternatives for the good old girls’ last hurrah still allow for plenty of female bonding, but forgo the booze (not to mention the morning-after bloat).


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Bachelorette Party Invitations & Invites

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One of the most memorable events in a bride’s wedding journey is the bachelorette party and therefore classy and brilliant bachelorette party invitations are a must have for every bachelorette party.

Because whether you are planning a huge bash with an exotic dancer who jumps out of a box, or a night spent bar hopping, pub crawling, or giggling in your pajamas with chocolate and a bottle (or more) of wine, your bride deserves a memorable time and a set of sweet bachelorette party invitations to start the anticipation and excitement about the upcoming bachelorette party, the wedding shower, and ultimately, the wedding.