Mother at Bachelorette Party

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Mother of the Bride and Groom at Bachelorette Party

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A bachelorette bash is a wonderful excuse for the bride (and her bridal party) to take a break from the stress of wedding planning and revel in the excitement of the upcoming nuptials. However, sharing the experience of a rowdy soirée with her mother and soon-to-be mother-in-law may cause the bride anxiety. Our etiquette experts weigh in on how to throw a party that pleases both the bride and her family — without taking away from the joy of the festivities.



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How to throw a Bachelorette Party | Movie Night

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Cheap Bachelorette Idea | Movie Night

A rather unique bachelorette party idea is for the maid of honor to host a movie night. The host could make sure to rent plenty of movies that the girls will enjoy and stock up on movie theater style goodies or create her own menu of hors devours.

Bachelorette Party Ideas MovieAfter the bride is married she will most likely make a lot of compromises in movie choices but her bachelorette party movie night could be her last chance to sit around with her friends watching tear−jerker or romantic movies, or chick flicks.

This type of bachelorette party is just a fun way for the girl to get together to talk and have a good time together.

The bachelorette party is a relatively new phenomenon but the idea is picking up steam and bachelorette parties are becoming more prevalent. The bachelorette party does not have the same connotations as a bachelor party. They are generally not seen as last nights of freedom but rather a night to bond with the girls.
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Bachelorette Party Themes

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Bachelorette Party Themes



If you are a maid of honor or bridesmaid planning a bachelorette party, there are a variety of great themes that can make your party stand out. Bachelorette parties, since they are designed just for girls, are the prefect opportunity to use your creative energy and come up with a special theme. Remember to give the bachelorette party guests enough time to plan on what they will wear instead of telling them just before the bachelorette party so they have time to get creative and plan cute outfits.

One great theme is the black and white bachelorette party. Color is a great way to signify and unify the bridesmaids and the bachelorette at the party, especially if you are going out on the town. It is fun to have the bridesmaids all dress in black (or some other color, such as red) and have the bachelorette dress in white. A great way to do this is have the bride wear a white blouse or dress and the bridesmaids all wear black cocktail dresses.

Another theme to consider is a retro 80s theme. The 80s theme is great for bachelorettes who were children or teens in the 1980s, because the theme adds significance, makes them reminisce about their childhood, and is generally fun! You can play 80s music, wear neon, and have big hair. If the bachelorette party is an at-home party, you can play great 80s movies like Footloose and Sixteen Candles. The bachelorette can help select her favorite 80s songs for the party mix and you can find 80s party gifts.




EBay can offer options like classic 80s slap bracelets and you can burn CDs for all the girls of the music played at the party. In keeping with a time period theme, a great bachelorette party theme is a sexy 70s disco. Grab bell bottoms, straighten your hair or wear an afro, and find your favorite disco music or classic rock songs to play on the stereo. If you are taking your bachelorette party out on the town, you may find great options to see a disco band play or a club that is having a themed 70s night. Dressing up is part of the fun of this type of bachelorette party, so go all out!

For a more  risqué  bride, you can plan a playboy themed bachelorette party. This is great with girls who have a diva attitude and want to dress up in provocative clothing for one last night out on the town. This kind of bachelorette party is perfect for the girls who want to turn heads and get lots of attention while they are out. Show up in hot party clothes and go to your favorite bar or restaurant. A take on this theme could be to start a day of bachelorette party activities with a group exotic dance class, which are offered by many gyms. If you are going with all your girlfriends, this will seem like a fun adventure, not too naughty. Then, cap off the night out on the dance floor of your favorite club, showing off your new moves!



Just like the popular reality television show, you can throw a bachelorette party Amazing Race. The bachelorette and her friends can split off into teams or groups, and go on a scavenger hunt at all your favorite bars or city landmarks. You can make the last “pit stop” of your amazing bachelorette race either your favorite hang out spot or back at your house to wrap up the evening. Make sure to take lots of pictures!



Bachelorette Party 2 Week Shape-Up Plan

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Do you have a bachelorette party on the horizon? Looking and feeling your best will make the weekend even more fabulous and memorable. Whether you’ll be rocking serious body-con garb in Vegas, donning an itty-bitty bikini on the beach, or slipping into something slinky for a big night out in the city, follow these rules for two weeks before the party.


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Bachelorette Party Planning Tips

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Bachelorette Planning

Making sure that grannies, mums, best friends, pals and colleagues are all in the right place at the right time and – most importantly – having a good time is a huge task and one that typically rests on the shoulders of the chief bridesmaid.

Event organiser Megan Holwill, director of Ten Events Ltd, has organised dozens of hen parties professionally and – having had the honour of being a bridesmaid six times and tasked with organising those hen parties – is the person to ask on how to make it an event to remember, for all the right reasons…

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Bachelorette Party Ideas Ebook – Review 3

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“Great Bachelorette Party Ideas” is one of the best sources of ideas when it comes to planning awesome bachelorette parties for people you care about.

It has everything that you are looking for, from the important party details like the planning basics and the theme, down to the fun things like the games and party refreshments.

Brides-to-be will definitely enjoy the ideas that are on this book. It will make their bachelorette party one of the best days of their life, and they will never forget how awesome it went.

Bachelorette parties are very difficult to plan, but with this book, you will know that your party will leave you with great memories that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

This guide will help you with even the smallest details you would never think of including in your party planning. It sure is going to be awesome!

Thanks to Bachelorette Party Ideas!

Low Budget Bachelorette Party

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Your bestie is tying the knot and you’re in charge of planning how to spend her numbered days as a free woman. The girls can’t quite swing the most lux bachelorette party, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still live the Vegas Bachelorette dream!

The quick and dirty version of how to live like queens in Vegas while taking it easy on the wallet: give yourselves some time to enjoy those complimentary amenities (so. worth. it.), become BFFs with your hotel concierge, and book things in advance. The rest is here:

To get that beauty sleep  For the best value, the Palms wins. From standard rooms to super extravagant suites, the Palms has what those with all types of budgets want. From rates starting at $55 and a complimentary shuttle to and from The Forum Shops it makes staying just off-Strip totally worth it.


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Bachelorette Party Ideas Ebook – Review 2

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I purchased this book to see what typically occurs on a bachelorette party knowing what guys typically do with bachelor parties. My daughter may be tying the knot soon and that also spiked my curiosity….Well there were some really good ideas in this book and I love the way Roxy wrote it. She seems to have the experience in planning these parties..Job well done!

The next I need it, I will have all the bachlorette party ideas I need. This book covers all the bases! From themes, to personality types, to gifts and games, it’s all there. Good party book!

I loved the creative ideas and the list of fun games to play. There is so much variety in the kinds of things you can do that I would have never thought of them.

Great guide to have on hand and lots of fun ideas to make the party memorable!

Tons of Ideas that suit different personality types and great tips to ensure that the party will be successful. There will be no need to search anywhere else for ideas after reading this book.

There are some great ideas in this book to throw a really special bachelorette party. I like the way it goes into the different personality types and what sort of party would suit each type.

Bachelorette Party Ideas Ebook – Review 1

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These ideas will make your Bachelorette party memorable. Ideas to fit every budget and personality. Tips to keep you focused and not frazzled and keep the party fun. Planning ideas and checklists, games,and more. There’s so much that goes into planning a wedding and so many people involved. This book will take the stress out of a big part of your wedding week. Get it for your bridesmaids and they will plan an unforgettable party for you…

Well my best friend was 43 and getting ready to tie the knot for the third time. What do you do for a 43 year old that’s fun and yet different? And didn’t want to just go to a bar somewhere. Not that I’m against drinking, trust me I’m not, but I wanted to do something unique for June and yet fun for everyone else too. We ended up doing the Grown Up Sleepover idea and we had a blast! It was fun, unique and everyone thought it was my idea, lol.

Not only does this book have great ideas for games to play and where to host the bachelorette party, but it is well organized. I would definitely recommend this book for anybody planning a bachelorette party. Good read.

There are some nice party ideas in here that really are clever. There are a few tried and true that everyone recognizes, but the new ideas I haven’t seen before made me laugh. Dress up. Dress down. Stay home or go out, but stay safe and HAVE FUN!

Bachelorette Party Ideas has some great ideas for saying farewell and good luck to a friend who is about to be married. The author describes different types of celebrations that reflect the personality of the bride-to-be. Creative suggestions for your good friend or relative who is starting a new phase of her life.

I recommend it strongly.

Who Pays for Bachelorette Party?

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WEDDING.THEKNOT.COM — Q. At a bachelor party, the best man typically charges per head for drinks and entertainment. Is it proper etiquette to charge per head at a bachelorette party, or should the maid of honor foot the bill? A. Unlike a shower, where the hostess pays for the party (that may mean the maid of honor…
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