Bachelorette Party Ideas NYC

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Every bit of planning your impending nuptials has been specific to you and your wants. You’ve got the significant other who put a ring on it (hopefully) and the perfect dress, and as the clock winds down on your single days, you deserve an unconventional celebration that’s just as personalized, beyond the usual fare of bodycon dresses and bars.

Below are eight creative ideas to sub in for your bachelorette party — don’t worry, several of them still involve booze, and at least one involves dancing men. Of course, if the idea of hitting the bars with your bridesmaids is still appealing, you’re more than welcome to do it all in one weekend.


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What to expect at the Bachelorette Party

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Got your first invitation to a bachelorette party and not so sure what to expect? We’re here to help with answers to your most-asked questions:

What really happens at a bachelorette party?
This is a tricky one, because these days, women are having all kinds of bachelorette parties. Lots of brides-to-be choose to celebrate with a spa day, a wine tasting, a weekend camping trip, or anything that fits their interests. If that’s the case, your invitation will tell you!

If that’s not the case, you’re likely in for a classic bachelorette bash — a fun girls’ night out! Expect to start with dinner, maybe a small activity, and then a night at a bar or club.

What should I bring?
First, ask the host if she needs help stocking up on food, drinks, or decorations. You could offer to get the bride a fun veil to wear out or suggest a fun game.

Also, plan to bring some extra cash. In most cases, the guests don’t let the bachelorette pay for anything, so plan to buy the bride-to-be a drink or two. Plus, you can offer to chip in for other costs.

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Bachelorette Party Planning Ideas

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Planning a Great Bachelorette Party

In the current era of women’s empowerment, bachelor parties are matched with fun and exciting bachelorette parties for the ladies.  Some basic tips on how to plan a great bachelorette party can be followed by anyone, from a seasoned pro at hosting parties to a novice.

First, virtually anyone can offer to host a bachelorette party.  Usually the maid of honor or bridesmaids take the lead in planning the party, but any friend or relative can plan the party.

An important tip in bachelorette party planning is that if you need to make reservations for a show or other activity, you’ll want guests to formally RSVP.

No matter who takes charge, all interested ladies should have some input in planning the bachelorette party, and the bride herself can be consulted to determine what she thinks would be a fun time.

Bachelorette parties usually include all the bridesmaids and closest female friends of the bride, which may include a few relatives, neighbors, or coworkers.

A bachelorette party is usually a relatively small group, and definitely under 20 people.  Around 10 or fewer girls is usually ideal, so that planning and going out aren’t difficult.

As for the date of a bachelorette party, don’t plan it for the night before the wedding, the last thing the bride needs to be thinking about is a possible hangover or going home early from her own party.

One good option is to have the bachelorette party the same weekend as the bachelor party, so you may want to coordinate with the groom to get the date set.

Planning is rather personalized to the group hosting the party.  One girl can take the lead, or a group can plan together, such as all the bridesmaids or a clique from college.

Some bachelorette hosts ask for donations from each guest, but the bride shouldn’t be expected to contribute to the fund.

Bachelorette parties, especially those hosted in someone’s home, don’t have to be expensive, and can even be potluck events.

Generally, bachelorette parties are usually very informal and free form.

Bachelorette parties are more laid-back and less structured than traditional bridal showers, and there is no “typical” bash.

What usually comes to mind, though, is a group of giggling girls and a bride dressed up in a funny shirt or veil.  You can paint the town red if that suits the bride, but you can also have other celebrations.

You can opt for a nice dinner out, a concert, or a party at someone’s house, including a possible slumber party, especially if some of the guests are from out of town.

If you do go out, make sure that all the guests know how to dress – do you have a theme color or is everyone going to wear a feather boa?

Are you all bringing items for the bride to wear, like a novelty tee-shirt and a veil?

The bachelorette party is not a gift party in the same way a shower is, but presents are usually given that are silly or a bit naughty.

Encourage guests to buy inexpensive gag gifts, sexy gifts, or lingerie for the wedding night.

Hope you enjoyed these bachelorette party ideas.

Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas (That Don’t Involve Strip Clubs)

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Just because it’s your last hurrah as a (sort of) single gal, you don’t have to be harassed by a “fireman” in a grungy strip club.

Bachelorette parties should be a time to celebrate your upcoming nuptials with friends, not doing something that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Read on for our suggestions for bachelorette parties that don’t involve strip clubs. >>

UNexpectedly Good Bachelorette Party Ideas

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If the thought of spending your bachelorette party doing shots of Jager and dancing on tables makes your abs hurt, and not in a good way, it may be time to rethink one of matrimony’s most time honored traditions.

No one says you need to usher in wedded bliss with a blistering headache. These five alternatives for the good old girls’ last hurrah still allow for plenty of female bonding, but forgo the booze (not to mention the morning-after bloat).


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Bachelorette Party Invitations & Invites

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One of the most memorable events in a bride’s wedding journey is the bachelorette party and therefore classy and brilliant bachelorette party invitations are a must have for every bachelorette party.

Because whether you are planning a huge bash with an exotic dancer who jumps out of a box, or a night spent bar hopping, pub crawling, or giggling in your pajamas with chocolate and a bottle (or more) of wine, your bride deserves a memorable time and a set of sweet bachelorette party invitations to start the anticipation and excitement about the upcoming bachelorette party, the wedding shower, and ultimately, the wedding.


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Creative Bachelorette Party Ideas

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When you hear the words “bachelorette party,” a few images probably pop into your head—some of them harmless, some of them a bit risque. But there’s no rule that says the bride must wear a tiara and drink margaritas from a penis straw all night. With the help of wedding planner Rebecca Iverson of Seattle-based Blush Celebrations, we came up with a few creative bachelorette party ideas you might want to slip your maid-of-honor.

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Who is invited to the bachelorette party

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The organizer will often fret to no end about who should be invited to the bachelorette party.

There are no hard and fast rules about who to invite and who to exclude, but a few key tips will help you decide who is an appropriate guest.

First, what do you do if you are having a very small, intimate wedding? Is it appropriate to invite girlfriends to the bachelorette party who aren’t invited to the wedding itself? It is a tricky issue to determine who can be invited to the bachelorette party if they aren’t coming to the wedding.

Strictly speaking, coworkers, neighbors, and other female friends who won’t be at the wedding can be invited to the bachelorette party, even though this isn’t fitting for the bridal shower.

However, there are a few keys to inviting these gusts.

First, make it clear that presents are not required, and they are being invited simply because the bride values their friendship.

Next, make it clear that this isn’t an implicit invitation to the wedding. Express the reason – is the wedding a destination event, or being held at a very small local church? Have the bride and groom decided to only invite family?

Whatever the consideration, be up front with your bachelorette party guests so that they can attend or decline the invitation to the bachelorette party knowing all the facts.

Another tricky issue can be inviting mothers or grandmothers to a bachelorette party. What do you do if the mother of the bride assumes she’s invited to a bachelorette party? That all depends on what kind of bachelorette party is being thrown and how close the bride is to her mom.

If the bride herself wouldn’t feel like the party is complete without her mom, by all means invite her to the bachelorette party.

If the bachelorette party is a spa day or something else low key, that is an appropriate event to include moms, aunts, and grandmothers.

However, it is also completely acceptable to make the bachelorette party “girlfriends only.” This can be expressed delicately to the mother of the bride or any other family members, and using the term “girlfriends only,” usually helps.

This works best when the bride wants a raunchier party, such as a night out at bars and clubs where a mom or grandmother may feel uncomfortable or out of place.

Who must be included on the bachelorette party invitation list? First and foremost, anyone the bride wants invited to her bachelorette party must be invited, no matter their relationship with the hostess of the party. If two friends aren’t getting along, they should both be invited if the bride wants them to be there, and if they are real friends they’ll suck it up for one night and celebrate with the bride.