Bachelorette Party Activities

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While keeping the party activities secret can be part of the fun, don’t make any plans until you ask the bride for some guidelines.

Is she looking forward to kissing singlehood goodbye with a wild night on the town, or does she prefer a low-key evening or weekend of female bonding with her favorite girlfriends?

Once you have an idea of what the guest of honor wants, ask the rest of the guests for their input.

For example, are they up for a no-holds-barred weekend away, or are they watching their wallets and hoping for a more affordable affair? After all, they’ll be paying not only for themselves but also for their share of the bride’s portion of the bill!

As soon as you’ve gotten everyone’s input, start nailing down the details. For the wild child, try bar-hopping with bonus activities (just remember that it’s the bachelorette’s night, so don’t push her if she declines some of your out-there party pranks).

For example, put the bride in a white T-shirt and ask every man you meet to sign or draw on her shirt with marker.

You might also hold the traditional bachelorette scavenger hunt: Assign the bride a list of dares to complete, such as serenading a strange man, doing a body shot or getting a guy to give her his boxers.

And there’s always Suck for a Buck — give the bachelorette a candy necklace to put on and charge a dollar to let men nibble a piece off her neck.

Having the party at home?

A good game to try is playing Toilet Paper and a Pole: Split guests into teams and tell each team leader to hold a broomstick between her legs. Have each of the other players put a roll of toilet paper between their legs and run a relay race to see which team can get all their rolls on the pole (no hands!) first.

For the mild child, try a date at the mani-pedi salon followed by a big dinner out. Or get the girls together for cocktails and trade your funniest stories about the bride in toasts around the table.

Childhood BFFs? Throw a slumber party complete with a classic teen flick starring the bride’s celeb crush back in high school.

Or organize a visit to your local fortune-teller, then sing your hearts out in a private room at a karaoke club.

More ideas:

  • Dancing
  • Drinking games
  • Poker
  • Pool
  • Chippendales or a private male stripper show
  • Drag show
  • Comedy club
  • Concert
  • Amusement park
  • Sporting event
  • Bowling
  • Camping
  • Casino
  • Spa or spa treatments at home
  • Weekend in Las Vegas, Miami, Hollywood, Napa Valley or New York

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The links in this post are ads and we’ll receive a commission if you shop through them

The links in this post are ads and we’ll receive a commission if you shop through them

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