Bachelorette Party at a Winery

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Isn’t having a Bachelorette Party at a Winery just asking for trouble?



If you want to throw a non-traditional bachelorette party, there are many good ideas floating around the internet to choose from. One great option is a bachelorette party wine weekend. In many areas of the country there are wineries that offer a wide variety of activities.

From Virginia to California, nearly every state has some wine producing capabilities, and local wineries are a great spot for a different kind of bachelorette party fun. If the bride-to-be is looking to spend time with her girlfriends but isn’t interested in a night of wild drinking and stranger hooting and hollering about a tiara on her head, a wine weekend might be a great option for the bachelorette party.

bacheloretteBanner01Wineries often provide many benefits.

They are usually away from the city, in areas with lots of land and beautiful scenery. This is a great place for women to unwind, talk with each other, and just spend time bonding as is intended at a bachelorette party before one of the group goes from single to married life.

Wineries also have great wines to taste. You can take a winery tour, do a wine tasting, and buy bottles of the ones that you like.

You can give each girl a party favor of a spit of wine, often you even have options to personalize the labels to say something special about the winery bachelorette party event.

You can also buy wine stoppers and other wine paraphernalia as a great set of favors for the girls.

Wineries also often are connected to quaint, local restaurants. This gives you an option for dinner, a wine tasting, and then you can take back several bottles of wine to a hotel room or someone’s house to let the party continue!

In addition, if you do a daytime event for a bachelorette party, you can take a picnic of gourmet foods to the winery. Most wineries have outdoor areas to sit and enjoy the sunshine when the weather is nice.

Pack a complete meal, do a wine tasting, buy the wines the girls all like best, and drink them together over your picnic. It will make you feel close to all the girls at the party as you sip wine, talk about the view, and bond.

greatbacheloretteLots of wineries also have live entertainment on special days, so if you plan the party to coincide with another event, you can take in a local jazz band, for example.

The bachelorette party at a winery also doesn’t have to be limited to only one winery. Most areas have a series of wineries clumped together, as the land attracts many wine makers. If that is the case, plan your trip with multiple stops, and taste wine at a lot of locations along the way.

If you are opting for a “wine tour” bachelorette part, you should check ahead of time to map out where you are going. In addition, arrange for either a sober driver or a limo or van to drive you between wine tastings so that everyone can have a good time and still be safe.






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The links in this post are ads and we’ll receive a commission if you shop through them

The links in this post are ads and we’ll receive a commission if you shop through them

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