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You have a theme, you have party favors, you even have the decorations all planned, but what kind of food and drink are guests expecting at a bachelorette party?




There are a wide variety of bachelorette party treats, based mostly on what kind of party you are hosting.  Some girls opt for a true night on the town, which means that you don’t have to specifically plan refreshments for the party.  Instead, make reservations at a great restaurant for all of the girls.  Then, after the nice dinner out, move on to local bars or clubs to dance the night away.

Make sure, however, that you choose a restaurant that will have no objections to the bachelorette wearing a tiara or veil to dinner.  The more formal the restaurant, the greater risk you are taking, and asking ahead of time what is considered appropriate attire will prevent any problems once you arrive.  Most restaurants can also seat large groups in a more private area, so you can even use the restaurant as a place to give gifts to the bachelorette and really live it up before you move on with your night.

If you are having an at home party, you are going to have to spend more time planning refreshments for the other girls attending the bachelorette party.  Are you having a naughty themed party, or something more demure?  The food you provide should match your theme and audience, so that the entire party has a cohesive feel.

If your party is going to be naughty, you can find a wide variety of party foods that are shaped like penises, which can be a real laugh for party guests.  Options include pasta, hard candies, and other items pre-made in the shape of male body parts, while other items are available for you to be creative, like cake or muffin pans in the naughty shape so that you can make sweet treats.




There are even jello shot makers that are shaped like a penis, to add humor even to the drinking that may go on at your party. If you are having a less risqué party, you may want to plan refreshments to match the décor or theme of your party.

If it is bachelorette party luau, by all means, have tropical drinks, fruit salads, and poi.  If you have a bachelorette party near a holiday, you may want to use that as a theme, such as a Halloween bachelorette party event, where you serve Halloween snacks and all the girls dress up as zombie bridesmaids.

If it is a bachelorette party with a color theme, such as pink, make all of your snacks match that hue – pink cupcakes, watermelon, and side dishes with food coloring added to give them a pink hue.

Another great party food option is to have a bachelorette party sleepover, where you order pizza, eat chips, and M&Ms, reliving the days when you had slumber parties with your best friends.  This type of bachelorette party works well because it requires only minimal planning, but allows the bride and her best girlfriends to spend time bonding and having fun, the entire point of a bachelorette party!



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The links in this post are ads and we’ll receive a commission if you shop through them

The links in this post are ads and we’ll receive a commission if you shop through them

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