Choosing the Right Bachelorette Party Veil

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Choosing the Right Bachelorette Party Veil



With all the planning a bachelorette party requires, the last thing you want to spend a lot of time thinking about is what kind of veil, tiara, or headpiece to have the bride wear, but it is an important part of a traditional bachelorette party. A few key bachelorette party tips will help you choose the right headpiece for your friend. Should you have her wear something simple and white, or red and gaudy?

First, you have to decide to be naughty or nice. Generally, it is best with a headpiece to go nice, because convincing the bride to wear a penis veil may sound fun and funny, but you’ll have more fun playing games and sharing stories when the bride is comfortable, which is hard when she is wearing a penis on her head. Anything with condoms or flashing penises on someone’s head makes them look not only silly but also tacky. A clean, simple white veil is a much more classic choice. You can also opt to buy two veils – one for the sober bride and a bad girl veil for the bride after she has had a few drinks.


A top quality bachelorette party veil is made of tulle, a net material that can be fine or coarse. Finer tulle looks much lighter and flows better than coarser tulle. Coarser tulle resembles white fishnet. Finer bridal veils are made from cotton or silk tulle, while the inexpensive veils most brides wear at a bachelorette party are always made from nylon. In addition to a bachelorette party veil, brides may feel more comfortable or more special wearing tiaras, headbands, hats or even devil horns. A tiara is a great choice to make the bride feel really special. It is actually possible that she can wear both a veil and a tiara. Many veils attach using a barrette and clip to the back of her hair while the tiara can be worn around the front of her head.

Bachelorette party veils come in a wide variety of designs. Some of the best include the heart veil, made from gorgeous tulle and adorned with flowers, strands of pearls, and of course, hearts. The cowgirl veil is great for girls who are a little bit country. It has a fun cowboy hat with a bridal veil attached. Heading out to a hoe-down or just the local honky-tonk? This cowgirl hat and veil is just about perfect.

A devil veil is also a great choice. It has a traditional veil, along with plush feathers and shiny horns. The devil veil combines the “nice” side of the veil with the “naughty” horns, without going overboard and making the bride feel uncomfortable at her bachelorette party.

greatbacheloretteAnother choice for a great bachelorette party veil is a black veil, which may sound sinister, but instead looks cool and symbolizes the mourning of the passing of your friend from the single life into the married world. It is a hoot and will stand out as different from the traditional white veils on the market.




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The links in this post are ads and we’ll receive a commission if you shop through them

The links in this post are ads and we’ll receive a commission if you shop through them

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