How to Plan an Inexpensive Bachelorette Party

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Let’s face it, weddings are expensive.  Even for guests and especially for bridesmaids.  You have to buy an engagement gift, a bridal shower present, a wedding gift.  You have to buy your dress, your shoes, and pay to travel to the wedding sight.  You are usually left feeling like the wedding was a real drain.  Then, you realize you have to participate in throwing a bachelorette party. But, a bachelorette party is supposed to be a fun celebration of the friendships between women, not a monetary drain that stresses everyone out.  Instead of focusing on an expensive bachelorette party, like a trip to Vegas, a day at a special spa, or a night in a limo, you can opt for a cheaper, yet still fun and exciting bachelorette party.

One great way to cut costs when planning a bachelorette party is to make sure that all the party guests chip in.  Bridesmaids often pool their resources to make the party a success, and by spreading out the cost, it isn’t overwhelming for any one girl.

Other keys to keeping a bachelorette party at a low price tag is to have an at home party.  You can buy alcohol cheaper at a liquor store than paying for drinks in a bar.  Food can be as simple as ordering pizzas and baking some cookies.  Decorations can also be low cost.  You can make a room really sparkle with just some balloons and a few banners, anything that signifies “bachelorette party!”  A color as the theme helps keep decorating a low cost endeavor.  You can choose pink or red, for example, and use streamers and balloons to decorate.

A bachelorette party at home can also have lots of inexpensive party games.  Print out free online bachelorette party bingo cards; play truth or dare (which is free!); or make up a group story about the bride.  Take turns telling your funniest story with the bride, or just gab about boys and the upcoming wedding.  These are great bonding activities, but they don’t cost money.  The bachelorette party should be more about the bonding and the time you spend with close friends than expensive pre-made party games or food from a caterer.

As for presents for the bride, at a bachelorette party they are optional.  It is often more fun to have gag gifts, which are usually very inexpensive.  Buy her a tawdry romance novel.  Give her a bottle of massage oil.  These are items that are bachelorette party appropriate but won’t break the bank.

As for party favors, those too can be inexpensive, like the large lollipop rings shaped like diamond rings.  Or, nail polish for each girl to use when giving herself a pedicure and manicure during the course of the evening.  These items are girl, fun, and very cheap as they can be bought at any discount store.

Remember, when you are planning a bachelorette party you are planning a fun event, not one that will be measured by how much money you spent on it.  The party is more about the girls involved than the dollar amount, and you don’t have to go broke to share your job about being friends.

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The links in this post are ads and we’ll receive a commission if you shop through them

The links in this post are ads and we’ll receive a commission if you shop through them

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