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Are you ready to throw a Magic Mike Bachelorette Party?

When the movie was recently released, throngs of women poured into movie theaters all over to see Channing Tatum’s ripped chest in the movie Magic Mike, which apparently is loosely based on the time Channing spent working as an exotic dancer.

According to Rotten Tomatoes, 75 percent of the audience members liked the movie. And I’m guessing one out of four of those audience members were men, which to me signals that starting your bachelorette party at the movie theater for a screening of Magic Mike could be a memorable way to celebrate your “so long” to singledom.

Inspiration is the essence of life and all of us get inspired in one way or another. It can be with people, campaigns, or movies. Magic mike party ideas have been the inspiration for bachelorettes to make the most of their single lives and the movie Magic Mike helps them realize  their dream party idea into reality.

When enjoyment is your ultimate aim, there is no look back and the after effect is the emergence of an empire of clubs focused on stripping.

The movie Magic mike is written – Reid Carolin, direct – Steven Soderbergh and starred – Channing Tatum, Cody Horn, Olivia Munn, Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello, Alex Pettyfer , Mathew and Mc Conaughey.

greatbacheloretteIt reveals the story of a nineteen year old boy named Mike Lane who is poor and has big dreams. He has to pay his bills by doing the role of a strip artist at a club which is owned by Dallas who are only interested in creating an empire for himself. Mike convinces his new friend Adam, a construction worker who is equally poor to start performing at the strip club.

The movie ends on a friendly note where mike gets involved with Adams sister and Adam him selves getting into drugs .In the end after understandings and misunderstandings, Mike and Adams sister Brooke forgives on another and Adam too realizes the sincerity of his friend Mike.

Magic Mike party ideas are a full fledged inspiration from the movie and the theme is basically exotic dancing and things bachelorettes do like to enjoy their singledom as much as they can before getting into a life of marital commitment.

Based on the theme of the party, and to make it interested the decoration to food should be theme based.

You can arrange for games like Pin the Macho on the man, have surprise gift hampers, and even have plates, drinks and napkins corresponding to the movie,. So can there be anything more exciting for a free bird than to enjoy this great Bachelorette party?

Fun snacks and themed drinks can add vigor to your party. Think out of the box and it will definitely fill you with exuberant ideas. You can even have fake notes that can be thrown at the dancers during the party.

Guests can be blindfolded and for certain varieties of games and a fake police bust can be arranged in the middle of the show to create a panic and later on enjoy the party to its maximum.

You can even try to get some interesting costumes custom-made to add charm to the party.

Games like narrating an incident where every guest has to say a line with the phrase male stripper included in the sentence and the next person has to continue it and create a fully fledged story of male stripper can be an interesting game.

You can even think of having themed images for the party and the costume theme too can be made very interesting.

So indulge yourselves in the ultimate ecstasy and dance off to glory. When perfect fun is at your doorstep and you are all in to enjoy this unique party, go ahead and get completely indulged into that hilarious mood and be one with those irresistible guys at the party. So paste your mischievous smile on your face and get started with a crazy night.

And if you want to take the Magic Mike theme to the next level, here are some great games, decorations and supplies to help you amp up your bachelorette party:


Our Favorite Stripper Pole

Bachelorette Party Kit – The Bar Crawl

Bachelorette Party Kit – The Sophisticate

Bachelorette Party Kit – Next Best Thing to a Stripper

Bachelorette Party Kit – Pizza Party

Ultimate Bachelorette Party Kit

The Big Joe Blowup Doll Is A Total Man-Whore

The Jack Rabbit Vibrator

The Accomodator

Our Biggest Penis Cake Pan

Penis Pinata Bachelorette Party Kit

The Black Guy Inflatable Doll

Willy Whack-It Penis Pinata – Has Silly Faces

Penis Lipstick Assortment – 12

A Penis-Shaped Beer Bong – The Dong Bong

The Boob Tube – A Boob Shaped Beer Bong

Fat Girl Blow-Up Doll

The Good Girl Bachelorette Party Kit

Sobriety Test – A Game of Stunts and Disorderly Conduct

The Boob Luge – Take Shots Straight from Giant Tits

The Ice Man Luge – Drink Shots from a Giant Ice Penis

Peter Pecker – The Party Wrecker – Blowup Doll

The Jumbo Penis Cake Pan

Bachelorette Tank Top – White with Pink Gemstones


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The links in this post are ads and we’ll receive a commission if you shop through them

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The links in this post are ads and we’ll receive a commission if you shop through them

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