Keep your man faithful

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How to keep your man faithful


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Creative Bachelorette Party Ideas

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When you hear the words “bachelorette party,” a few images probably pop into your head—some of them harmless, some of them a bit risque. But there’s no rule that says the bride must wear a tiara and drink margaritas from a penis straw all night. With the help of wedding planner Rebecca Iverson of Seattle-based Blush Celebrations, we came up with a few creative bachelorette party ideas you might want to slip your maid-of-honor.

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Who is invited to the bachelorette party

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The organizer will often fret to no end about who should be invited to the bachelorette party.

There are no hard and fast rules about who to invite and who to exclude, but a few key tips will help you decide who is an appropriate guest.

First, what do you do if you are having a very small, intimate wedding? Is it appropriate to invite girlfriends to the bachelorette party who aren’t invited to the wedding itself? It is a tricky issue to determine who can be invited to the bachelorette party if they aren’t coming to the wedding.

Strictly speaking, coworkers, neighbors, and other female friends who won’t be at the wedding can be invited to the bachelorette party, even though this isn’t fitting for the bridal shower.

However, there are a few keys to inviting these gusts.

First, make it clear that presents are not required, and they are being invited simply because the bride values their friendship.

Next, make it clear that this isn’t an implicit invitation to the wedding. Express the reason – is the wedding a destination event, or being held at a very small local church? Have the bride and groom decided to only invite family?

Whatever the consideration, be up front with your bachelorette party guests so that they can attend or decline the invitation to the bachelorette party knowing all the facts.

Another tricky issue can be inviting mothers or grandmothers to a bachelorette party. What do you do if the mother of the bride assumes she’s invited to a bachelorette party? That all depends on what kind of bachelorette party is being thrown and how close the bride is to her mom.

If the bride herself wouldn’t feel like the party is complete without her mom, by all means invite her to the bachelorette party.

If the bachelorette party is a spa day or something else low key, that is an appropriate event to include moms, aunts, and grandmothers.

However, it is also completely acceptable to make the bachelorette party “girlfriends only.” This can be expressed delicately to the mother of the bride or any other family members, and using the term “girlfriends only,” usually helps.

This works best when the bride wants a raunchier party, such as a night out at bars and clubs where a mom or grandmother may feel uncomfortable or out of place.

Who must be included on the bachelorette party invitation list? First and foremost, anyone the bride wants invited to her bachelorette party must be invited, no matter their relationship with the hostess of the party. If two friends aren’t getting along, they should both be invited if the bride wants them to be there, and if they are real friends they’ll suck it up for one night and celebrate with the bride.

Essential Items for a Bachelorette Party

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If you are planning or attending a bachelorette party, it is great to have a checklist of things you need to bring with you to the bash.

As you gear up for the big party, you should be sure to have a few essentials like a cell phone, extra cash, a train schedule or number for a cab company, and a list of the bars or clubs you’ll be visiting with phone numbers.

Aside from these essentials, there are lots of great ideas for what to bring to a bachelorette party.  One key item is a headpiece of some sort.  You want everyone you encounter to know who the bride-to-be is, and there are many options to set her apart.  Mini veils are the most popular, but you can also have her wear a glitzy tiara, a bride hat, or a hilarious wig.  Next, a good bachelorette party planner brings a dare to do list.  This list is a set of missions for the bride and other guests to complete throughout the night, such as getting a guy to tell her something dirty, or collecting phone numbers.  Tamer versions include goofy tasks like singing in public or dancing alone on the dance floor.

A popular bachelorette party game is a suck for a buck tee shirt or candy necklace.  Then random guys pay a dollar to remove the candies from the bride’s necklace or shirt.  This is a game not for the faint of heart, but if the bride is up for it, it is a classic bachelorette party stunt. Another great way to slightly embarrass the bride in a good natured way is to have each girl attending the party bring something that the bride must wear at least part of the evening, including items like a feather boa, a funny hat, etc.

Blow up dolls are also great for bachelorette parties, as the only male guest invited!  Most of the blow up dolls are naked, and bachelorettes are often asked to carry the blow up doll around all night, sometimes handcuffed to her!

If you are having a particularly naughty bachelorette party, there are several x-rated essentials, including penis shaped straws.  Since the bachelorette will likely be drinking all evening, penis straws can be taken with her to the bars she visits and used all night.  You can buy enough straws for each member of the bachelorette party to carry one around all night, showing group solidarity and not embarrassing only the bride.

When the party’s over, the energy and excitement of the night will be reduced to a few fuzzy memories.  So don’t let a single minute of the evening’s debauchery go undocumented.  Bring at least two cameras so that there are lots of shots of all the goofy fun. The maid of honor or party planner should be in charge of gathering up disposable cameras at the end of the night so the pictures can be given to the bride. Disposable cameras are preferred to real cameras, just in case the cameras are lost at a bar or club.

Wild Bachelorette Party

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Ok, here’s the deal: before you go too far down the line with your planning, please consider the personality and desires of the bride.


Bachelorette Naughty 5

Consider holding your wild bachelorette party on thе ѕamе evening аs the bachelor party. This is to hopefully avoid any repercussions or ill-feelings!

Bachelorette celebrations are a time for close friends to enjoy a last night out and if you believe you are free to, enjoy going wild by incorporating a male stripper(s) into the night time festivities.

If organizing the bachelorette party is your responsibility discuss preferences with the bride-to-be. This may be ths last chance she has to live out her desires!

Most male stripper suppliers will offer dancers with a theme: flame-throwers, exotic dancing, etc. You can also ask for your party stripper to appear clothed to suit your party theme.

Bachelorette Naughty 4Make certain your elected bachelorette party runs easily.

1. Consult male stripper supplier – Consult with the stripper listings. Communicate your requirements and boundaries very clearly.  Steer clear of hiring a non-reputable stripper organization.

2. Hire a trustworthy Service – Established outfits should be able to provide you with a list of at the least 10 or more available strippers for you to choose from. They shall be able to give you  pictures to peruse and choose from. Make sure you choice is memorable to ensure the right one pitches up at party time.

3. How to Pay – stay away from strippers who charge by the hour. Highly regarded strippers really should be paid a flat charge for his or her performance. So there is no need to detract from the pleasure by watching the clock.  Expect to pay between $100 and $300. And a deposit of $50. Never pay the full free up front.

4. Photos – Some male strippers do adhere to a no-picture policy. But this ends up being a no big deal during the performance.

5. Props for the Dancer – This responsibility falls to your male strippers. They should be carry the music, props as well as assistants as required. Make sure to mention that as soon as interviewing your bachelorette party.




This sets the stage for you, the bride-to-be and all guests to enjoy the absolute best bachelorette party with a stripper. Sit back, chill out, and revel in the particular exhibit!







Bonus tip: Consider sending a “Save the Date” card if уou’re preparing а destination bachelorette party. Understanding bachelorette party basics assists with thе preparing procedure.


Our Favorite Stripper Pole

Bachelorette Party Kit – The Bar Crawl

Bachelorette Party Kit – The Sophisticate

Bachelorette Party Kit – Next Best Thing to a Stripper

Bachelorette Party Kit – Pizza Party

Ultimate Bachelorette Party Kit

The Big Joe Blowup Doll Is A Total Man-Whore

The Jack Rabbit Vibrator

The Accomodator

Our Biggest Penis Cake Pan

Penis Pinata Bachelorette Party Kit

The Black Guy Inflatable Doll

Willy Whack-It Penis Pinata – Has Silly Faces

The Boob Tube – A Boob Shaped Beer Bong

Fat Girl Blow-Up Doll

A Penis-Shaped Beer Bong – The Dong Bong

Penis Lipstick Assortment – 12

Sobriety Test – A Game of Stunts and Disorderly Conduct

The Boob Luge – Take Shots Straight from Giant Tits

The Ice Man Luge – Drink Shots from a Giant Ice Penis

The Good Girl Bachelorette Party Kit

Peter Pecker – The Party Wrecker – Blowup Doll

Captain Pecker – 6′ Blow Up Penis

Bride Tank Top – White with Gemstones

Bachelorette Party Activities

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While keeping the party activities secret can be part of the fun, don’t make any plans until you ask the bride for some guidelines.

Is she looking forward to kissing singlehood goodbye with a wild night on the town, or does she prefer a low-key evening or weekend of female bonding with her favorite girlfriends?

Once you have an idea of what the guest of honor wants, ask the rest of the guests for their input.

For example, are they up for a no-holds-barred weekend away, or are they watching their wallets and hoping for a more affordable affair? After all, they’ll be paying not only for themselves but also for their share of the bride’s portion of the bill!

As soon as you’ve gotten everyone’s input, start nailing down the details. For the wild child, try bar-hopping with bonus activities (just remember that it’s the bachelorette’s night, so don’t push her if she declines some of your out-there party pranks).

For example, put the bride in a white T-shirt and ask every man you meet to sign or draw on her shirt with marker.

You might also hold the traditional bachelorette scavenger hunt: Assign the bride a list of dares to complete, such as serenading a strange man, doing a body shot or getting a guy to give her his boxers.

And there’s always Suck for a Buck — give the bachelorette a candy necklace to put on and charge a dollar to let men nibble a piece off her neck.

Having the party at home?

A good game to try is playing Toilet Paper and a Pole: Split guests into teams and tell each team leader to hold a broomstick between her legs. Have each of the other players put a roll of toilet paper between their legs and run a relay race to see which team can get all their rolls on the pole (no hands!) first.

For the mild child, try a date at the mani-pedi salon followed by a big dinner out. Or get the girls together for cocktails and trade your funniest stories about the bride in toasts around the table.

Childhood BFFs? Throw a slumber party complete with a classic teen flick starring the bride’s celeb crush back in high school.

Or organize a visit to your local fortune-teller, then sing your hearts out in a private room at a karaoke club.

More ideas:

  • Dancing
  • Drinking games
  • Poker
  • Pool
  • Chippendales or a private male stripper show
  • Drag show
  • Comedy club
  • Concert
  • Amusement park
  • Sporting event
  • Bowling
  • Camping
  • Casino
  • Spa or spa treatments at home
  • Weekend in Las Vegas, Miami, Hollywood, Napa Valley or New York

10 Bachelorette Party Moments to Catch on Camera

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So you’ve said yes to the ring and maybe even the dress, but do you know what your besties have in store for you?

When it comes to your bachelorette party, you’re gonna want to capture all the crazy good times to look at (and hopefully embarrass each other with) for years to come.

It’s easy to get caught up in the moment and forget to snap photos, so we’re sharing our 10 fave poses that you won’t want to miss.


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Truth about girls bachelor party for girls

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It would seem like most bachelor party for girls follow a similar narrative: They begin with good intentions—dinner at a trendy new restaurant; a hike to a well-known physical landmark; rooftop cocktails with bonding!—but then somehow, inevitably, the girls end up wasted at 2:00 p.m. on a wine-tasting safari, wearing shirts that shout “The Bride’s Bitches,” screaming obscenities at dumb animals. It’s in these moments that one should be reminded that: at their core, bachelorette parties should be about celebrating gender equality by objectifying male strippers and drinking Vodka Red Bull through penis straws. And then one feels better.

A bachelor party for a girl is a phenomenon it seems that society has come to both detest and embrace with equal enthusiasm. The prevailing aesthetic of the modern bachelorette—princess sashes, genitalia-centric novelty items, fluffy cat ears, etc.—is a look that transcends social boundaries, welcomed by everyone.. The increasing indulgence of the ritual was perfectly summed up by Amy Schumer in her sketch “Bachelorette Party Disaster,” in which a bachelorette party bus crashes into a bachelorette booze cruise. The result is described as a “rat king situation,” with women “bound together in a wet tangle of hair extensions and feather boas.” Most of the fatalities in this disaster were bystander suicides.

But as bachelorette parties become increasingly debauched, bachelor parties seem to be taking a different course. The groom’s crews opted for chill camping weekends or hiking trips, and some grooms might even skip the ritual all together. Even well-known publications arfe sporting articles about wholesome, “mostly hangover-free” bachelor party ideas for the year’s wedding season. When did women start beating men at their own gross game?

The bachelorette party is a fairly recent phenomenon. For centuries, men had premarital parties while women just chilled at home, chatting, sipping tea, or whatever—typical. According to the history books (read: Wikipedia), the ritual of celebrating the groom’s last night as a single man is believed to have started back in the fifth century B.C., with the ancient Spartans. The practice has obviously evolved over the years, but for at least the last century, bachelor parties have commonly consisted of men getting sloshed, ogling strippers, getting bromotional, and making decisions they later regret. (See: the 1984 Tom Hanks comedy Bachelor Party and The Hangover trilogy).

The idea was that men were commemorating the death of their freedom with one grasp at freedom.

Women, on the other hand, weren’t seen to be giving up anything for marriage, because they had no sexual freedom or independence to begin with; women were only gaining something. So instead of raging, women had bridal showers, which were known for being rather tame and sedate.

Then around the late sixties, amidst the sexual revolution and a diminishing sexual double standard, the bachelor party for girls was born. Still, it was by no means common; it was more radical. Throughout the seventies, bachelorette parties were something some feminists did as an antithesis of the torturous bridal shower. But the bachelorette as we know it today wasn’t common until the mid-eighties. It was during this time that a new school of pro-sex feminism emerged, led by women like Madonna, who proclaimed sexual freedom as an essential component of women’s liberation. Women were entering the workforce and appropriating men’s styles of dress, wearing tailored skirt suits with huge shoulder pads, aka “power dressing.” The general idea was that women could be “like men”—could work like men, dress like men, behave like men, and, essentially, ogle strippers while pounding shots like men. Sexual freedom meant that women, too, were free to act like apes and make decisions they would live to  regret later on. It was only fair.

It would seem that bachelorette parties aren’t just getting more depraved, they’re also getting far more extravagant, demanding, and expensive. It’s becoming increasingly common to do destination parties, some that last up to a week. And then there’s the money issue. You are  made to feel really guilty if you don’t go, because the bride puts a lot of pressure on you. Add that to the cost of an engagement present, a wedding present, and traveling to the wedding, and you might as well financially shoot yourself in the foot.

It happens quite commonly that a bunch of girls can go to Vegas for a bachelorette. Cavorting around on stage at a strip club wearing sashes that say ‘Cheers bitches’. Getting individual lap dances while a stripper sprays their faces with champagne. They would be staying in a huge suite that was decorated in glitter, which is where they’d pregame and play Pin the Dick on the Man. It can be a mess, and uinsurprisingly there have been girls leaving with a tattoo on their face.

One has to ask has the point of bachelor party for girls become to get drunk and throw up on yourself. But really what’s the point of having a bachelorette party if you’re not going to go all-out with with a six-foot blow-up dick and penis straws? Without those, it’s just a regular night out with your friends.

It comes down to the idea, really, why buy into any mainstream convention unless you’re just going to go for it? Acknowledge that having a bachelor part for girls is kind of a basic bitch thing to do to begin with and embrace the cheesy stereotypes. And sure, the performance of bachelorette parties are usually partly ironic, and a bit parody, but the reality is, even if you’re wearing a dick on your head at a restaurant “as a joke,” you’re not invisible.

Naughty Girls Bachelor Party Games

Mother at Bachelorette Party

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A bachelorette bash is a wonderful excuse for the bride (and her bridal party) to take a break from the stress of wedding planning and revel in the excitement of the upcoming nuptials. However, sharing the experience of a rowdy soirée with her mother and soon-to-be mother-in-law may cause the bride anxiety. Our etiquette experts weigh in on how to throw a party that pleases both the bride and her family — without taking away from the joy of the festivities.



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