Bachelorette Party Refreshments

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You have a theme, you have party favors, you even have the decorations all planned, but what kind of food and drink are guests expecting at a bachelorette party?




There are a wide variety of bachelorette party treats, based mostly on what kind of party you are hosting.  Some girls opt for a true night on the town, which means that you don’t have to specifically plan refreshments for the party.  Instead, make reservations at a great restaurant for all of the girls.  Then, after the nice dinner out, move on to local bars or clubs to dance the night away.

Make sure, however, that you choose a restaurant that will have no objections to the bachelorette wearing a tiara or veil to dinner.  The more formal the restaurant, the greater risk you are taking, and asking ahead of time what is considered appropriate attire will prevent any problems once you arrive.  Most restaurants can also seat large groups in a more private area, so you can even use the restaurant as a place to give gifts to the bachelorette and really live it up before you move on with your night.

If you are having an at home party, you are going to have to spend more time planning refreshments for the other girls attending the bachelorette party.  Are you having a naughty themed party, or something more demure?  The food you provide should match your theme and audience, so that the entire party has a cohesive feel.

If your party is going to be naughty, you can find a wide variety of party foods that are shaped like penises, which can be a real laugh for party guests.  Options include pasta, hard candies, and other items pre-made in the shape of male body parts, while other items are available for you to be creative, like cake or muffin pans in the naughty shape so that you can make sweet treats.




There are even jello shot makers that are shaped like a penis, to add humor even to the drinking that may go on at your party. If you are having a less risqué party, you may want to plan refreshments to match the décor or theme of your party.

If it is bachelorette party luau, by all means, have tropical drinks, fruit salads, and poi.  If you have a bachelorette party near a holiday, you may want to use that as a theme, such as a Halloween bachelorette party event, where you serve Halloween snacks and all the girls dress up as zombie bridesmaids.

If it is a bachelorette party with a color theme, such as pink, make all of your snacks match that hue – pink cupcakes, watermelon, and side dishes with food coloring added to give them a pink hue.

Another great party food option is to have a bachelorette party sleepover, where you order pizza, eat chips, and M&Ms, reliving the days when you had slumber parties with your best friends.  This type of bachelorette party works well because it requires only minimal planning, but allows the bride and her best girlfriends to spend time bonding and having fun, the entire point of a bachelorette party!



Bachelorette Party on a Small Budget

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f you want to throw your favorite bride the amazing bachelorette bash she deserves, but simply don’t have the dough to go big — think a girls’ weekend in Las Vegas — don’t despair. “A bachelorette party doesn’t necessarily have to be sexy,” explains Jesse Tombs, senior event producer for Alison Events.


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How to Plan an Inexpensive Bachelorette Party

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How to Plan an Inexpensive Bachelorette Party. Let’s face it, weddings are expensive. Even for guests and especially for bridesmaids.


You have to buy an engagement gift, a bridal shower present, a wedding gift. You have to buy your dress, your shoes, and pay to travel to the wedding sight. You are usually left feeling like the wedding was a real drain. Then, you realize you have to participate in throwing a bachelorette party. But, a bachelorette party is supposed to be a fun celebration of the friendships between women, not a monetary drain that stresses everyone out. Instead of focusing on an expensive bachelorette party, like a trip to Vegas, a day at a special spa, or a night in a limo, you can opt for a cheaper, yet still fun and exciting bachelorette party.

One great way to cut costs when planning a bachelorette party is to make sure that all the party guests chip in. Bridesmaids often pool their resources to make the party a success, and by spreading out the cost, it isn’t overwhelming for any one girl.

Other keys to keeping a bachelorette party at a low price tag is to have an at home party. You can buy alcohol cheaper at a liquor store than paying for drinks in a bar. Food can be as simple as ordering pizzas and baking some cookies. Decorations can also be low cost. You can make a room really sparkle with just some balloons and a few banners, anything that signifies “bachelorette party!” A color as the theme helps keep decorating a low cost endeavor. You can choose pink or red, for example, and use streamers and balloons to decorate.

A bachelorette party at home can also have lots of inexpensive party games. Print out free online bachelorette party bingo cards; play truth or dare (which is free!); or make up a group story about the bride. Take turns telling your funniest story with the bride, or just gab about boys and the upcoming wedding. These are great bonding activities, but they don’t cost money. The bachelorette party should be more about the bonding and the time you spend with close friends than expensive pre-made party games or food from a caterer.

As for presents for the bride, at a bachelorette party they are optional. It is often more fun to have gag gifts, which are usually very inexpensive. Buy her a tawdry romance novel. Give her a bottle of massage oil. These are items that are bachelorette party appropriate but won’t break the bank.

As for party favors, those too can be inexpensive, like the large lollipop rings shaped like diamond rings. Or, nail polish for each girl to use when giving herself a pedicure and manicure during the course of the evening. These items are girl, fun, and very cheap as they can be bought at any discount store.

Remember, when you are planning a bachelorette party you are planning a fun event, not one that will be measured by how much money you spent on it. The party is more about the girls involved than the dollar amount, and you don’t have to go broke to share your job about being friends.




Planning a bachelorette party

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8 Things Every Bridesmaid Should Know About Planning a Bachelorette Party


Planning a bachelorette party is one of the most fun parts of being a bridesmaid, but it can take a lot of effort and become even more complicated if there are lots of people involved. Here are a few things we think you should know if you’re one of the lucky ‘maids orchestrating a single girl soirée.

You can invite other people besides the bridesmaids 
Obviously all the bridesmaids are going to be on the guest list, but there are probably other people in the bride’s life that she’ll want to include. Whether it be family members or other close friends, be sure to ask the bride if she has anyone outside the bridal party she wants on the guest list. There’s no limit on how many people can celebrate the bride, the more the merrier!

Everyone’s budget is going to be different 
Once you’ve finalized the group, it’s good to get an idea of everyone’s budget. Those who have a further distance to travel may not have as much to spend on the actual event, while those who are closer to the destination will likely have a bigger budget. Create a Facebook group or email thread with all the attendees and try to get a read on what everyone is comfortable with spending before deciding on what you’ll be doing.

You’ll be covering some of the bride’s expenses 
Since the bride is the guest of honor, you’ll likely be responsible for some of her costs. It’s totally up to the group as to what those things are. Will you treat her to a nice hotel room or will you be taking care of the bill at the restaurant? Again, get a read on what everyone is comfortable with before the celebration so people aren’t blindsided when they have to pay more. The bride will definitely appreciate your contribution, no matter what it is!

The bride has a say in the activities 
Remember to consult her and see what kind of soirée she wants! She might want something more low-key than a weekend-long rage fest. Don’t hit the ground running with any ideas until you get a sense of what she wants. When you begin the planning process, be sure to check in with her occasionally to make sure she approves of what you’ve got planned.

You can still have fun without partying hard 
If the bride isn’t a fan of late nights in crowded bars, she can still have a memorable bachelorette party! Plan a relaxing trip to a nearby vineyard followed by dinner at her favorite restaurant. Want something even more low-key? Head to a spa for a weekend of pampering. If she does want to leave town, Nashville and Vegas are popular choices, but there are plenty of other cities that you can enjoy.

It doesn’t have to be a weekend-long celebration 
If it’s too hard to gather the all the girls for a full weekend, a night out can be just as fun! You can plan a handful of local activities in one evening if people can’t get away for multiple days. Between drinks, dinner, and dancing, there are plenty of opportunities to have a blast for just one night. You can rent a limo or party bus to take you around, or you can rent out a space just for your group if you don’t want to deal with crowds. The options are endless for a one-night celebration.

It’s not about you 
Remember, the bachelorette party is all about the bride. If there are certain activities on the agenda you’re not crazy about, try to make the most of it. The bride wanted you by her side on the big day for a reason and you should be fully supportive of however she wants to spend her bachelorette party. If you’re not the biggest fan of another bridesmaid, try to keep it to yourself. Drama will only create stress for the bride, so try to keep an open mind.


Bachelorette Party Ideas

10 Best Cities for Hosting a Bachelorette Party

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When it comes to the ultimate bachelorette bash, what could be better than indulging in one last all-out, wild excursion with your pack of besties? There’s no better opportunity to land in one of North America’s finest party cities and indulge in every stereotypical festivity possible – shopping, eating, drinking, dancing.

1. Las Vegas, Nevada

Speaking of stereotypes, there is no greater partying territory than Vegas. Those who come for thrills find them: You and your best girl friends can indulge in some of the finest restaurants, be pampered in the hotel spa, head out to the night clubs in your most expensive heels, and play poker all night long. What bachelorette party could ask for anything more?


2. Miami Beach, Florida

As America’s other famous party destination, South Beach attracts its fair share of bachelorette parties. After all, Collins Avenue and Ocean Drive supply some of the hottest nightclubs and most delicious drink menus in the nation – this little strip of the city is ideal for celebrating those last few moments as a single woman.


3. New York City, New York

There’s nothing you can’t get in New York, New York. If you and your best friends live to shop, this is where you should spend your most fun weekend as a single gal. You can also dine on any imaginable dish, revel in luxury hotels, and indulge in every kind of nightlife. You’ll find that NYC locals don’t think of their city as the center of the universe without just cause.


4. New Orleans, Louisiana

Of all the U.S. cities made famous by a party-heavy atmosphere, New Orleans is perhaps the most unique. As all of its nicknames suggest, you and your best friends can truly given in to temptation here. Grab a balcony on Bourbon Street, buy a few tickets to some local jazz shows, and don’t forget to indulge in some of the best Cajun food on Earth.


5. Orlando, Florida

It’s not the first city that comes to mind when one thinks about bachelorette parties, but there’s a reason why this town attracts more tourists than any other location in the world. Buy a few tickets to your theme park of choice, spend your mornings eating a luxurious buffet brunch, and make sure you fit the rooftop bar Sky 60 into your to do list.


6. Charleston, South Carolina

This locale attracts a certain group of ladies. If a low-key setting in which you and your friends can experience upscale, Southern-style nightlife and dining is your thing, Charleston offers some of the most beautiful places to do so. Your best group of girlfriends can choose to stay in some of the city’s gorgeous boutique hotels or beach houses as you experience Charleston’s truly unique personality.


7. Montreal, Canada

If your best group of girlfriends can’t wait for an excuse to use their passports, perhaps it’s time to check out all that our northern neighbors have to offer. There is something truly quaint about this big city, and its French charm will help you really enjoy your last few days as a single lady, reveling in the nightclubs and bars of rue St-Denis.


8. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

This city made famous by partying teens is an ideal bachelorette party location, especially if you and your favorite ladies enjoy pristine beaches and decadent hotels. It’s not just the nightlife, restaurants and white sand beaches that will have you crying tears of joy, either – every sunset in Cabo is a breathtaking experience.


9. Napa Valley, California

Modern Napa Valley is much more than an idyllic wine town. Of course, there’s that, but you and your gal pals can also treat yourselves to hot air balloon rides, spa treatments, or some of the best restaurants in the nation. This is the perfect locale for ladies who enjoy a low-key, wine-heavy party setting.


10. Scottsdale, Arizona

No matter when you’re planning to wed, you can enjoy the sun in Scottsdale before your big day. You can also choose from a wide selection of infinity pools, spa treatments, and luxury resorts to enrich your stay in this lovely oasis town.

Bachelorette Party Destinations

Mellow Bachelorette Parties

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Did Someone Say Mellow Bachelorette Party?

TBdress 5th Anniversary Sale, Buy Now!


The are indeed times when a mellow bachelorette party is the most appropriate. For example, if the bachelorette party is fairly close to the wedding day, you don’t want a big pissup to ruin the big day, now do you? Another example is if the bride-to-be is quite mature or has been  married before. Another wild party seems rather inappropriate.

For those of you who know the hens wants to have a peace and silent with her buddies, isn’t into the insane celebration factor, or just wants to be special, do we have ideas for you!

Below, we have detailed the top hens celebration calm thoughts you can use for your party:

Dinner Out: Select the bride-to-be’s preferred eating position and all go have an excellent time! Tell humorous experiences about the hens, how you all met her and the most hilarious tale you can keep in mind about her. This can be a very unforgettable here we are at all of you!

Top Mellow Game: A actual fun activity that is performed at many marriage bathrooms is to first talk with the bridegroom and choose 20 concerns such as, “What is your preferred color?”, “What is your preferred movie?”, “What is your preferred song”, “What is your most awkward moment?”, and more! Have the bride-to-be explain to you how many she gets right! Farmville always gets a chuckle when you select more romantic questions!

Make-up and Indulging Bachelorette Party: The new pattern is to have fun with the bachelorettes and woman to be by all conference beginning before going out and invest a while at a position getting your make-up done while having a martini or other preferred consume (have a car or clean car owner girls). This is a fantastic way to begin off the nights having an amazing time at the hens party! There are other smart methods of having fun like viewing a salon in your position (if you have one). There is nothing like getting a nail cutting and enjoying excellent songs while consuming a martini before reaching the eating position, groups and moving with your divas.

bacheloretteBanner01Spa and Relax: Go to a near-by spa with the ladies and get a nail cutting, home pedicure, and massage! You all are entitled to sensation like a queen for a day. This is a fantastic way to all de-stress before the big day! Have lunchtime out after as a team as you keep in mind of the excellent periods together and excitement to come!

Go to a Play/Concert: No one says you have to do a conventional party! You can go to a perform like Bridies Bachelorette Party, or a cinema near you that has your preferred Broadway play! If not into the cinema, content to go to your preferred display as a team. Can be a lot of fun! If you are in Las Nevada, examine out Tony morrison n’ Tina’s Wedding.

Decorations with Style: Designs can create a celebration fun, whether in a accommodation or somebody’s home. Buy some affordable decorations like dark-colored Last Night Out” Party Balloons, hens celebration ads, and other products that you will discover here.

Gifts with Style: Typically, you do not have to get a present for the hens, however, it is a awesome act to get something little as a memory space of the night. Shower and system presents are an excellent way to tell the bride-to-be to rest before her big day! Have a look at these bath and system presents we discover are a champion for any hens celebration bride!

Get Out Of Town: Get out of town for some fun and sun or experience. Whether you go climbing, sportfishing, or just lay in the sun by a share (or go ice skating/skiing if it is Winter), you will have enjoyable since you are with excellent company!

greatbacheloretteBachelorette Party Trip – Take an excursion of your preferred film places the bachelorettes’ will really like along with a Sex and the City Places Trip, which allows the marriage party to adhere to along with in the actions of everybody’s preferred design symbol, June Bradshaw, and her female buddies. The hens celebration tour has a fun quit at a hens celebration shop, a relaxing Sophisticated, and a Cupcake crack, as they examine out over 40 locations from the tv display and film. Personal car offers are also available for an excellent hens celebration or women’s few days.

Bachelorette Limousine Trip – Adhere to in the actions of everybody’s preferred design symbol, June Bradshaw, and her female buddies on the a Sex and the City Places Trip. The hens celebration tour has a fun quit at a sex shop, a relaxing cosmopolitan mixture and a cupcake crack as you examine out over 40 locations from the TV sequence and films. Personal car offers are available for an excellent hens celebration or women’s few days. Contact On Place Trips at 212-683-2027 or publication your NYC private tour on the internet.

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Don’t forget your supplies for the perfect Bachelorette Party.

Below are some of our most popular Naughty items:


Our Favorite Stripper Pole

Bachelorette Party Kit – The Bar Crawl

Bachelorette Party Kit – The Sophisticate

Bachelorette Party Kit – Next Best Thing to a Stripper

Bachelorette Party Kit – Pizza Party

Ultimate Bachelorette Party Kit

The Big Joe Blowup Doll Is A Total Man-Whore

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A Penis-Shaped Beer Bong – The Dong Bong

Penis Lipstick Assortment – 12

Sobriety Test – A Game of Stunts and Disorderly Conduct

The Boob Luge – Take Shots Straight from Giant Tits

The Ice Man Luge – Drink Shots from a Giant Ice Penis

The Good Girl Bachelorette Party Kit

Peter Pecker – The Party Wrecker – Blowup Doll

Captain Pecker – 6′ Blow Up Penis

Bride Tank Top – White with Gemstones

Keeping your bachelorette party safe & fun

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When celebrating your last night as a single woman before it’s time to say, “I do,” it’s important to throw the ultimate bachelorette party for a fun night out. Although you can enjoy hitting different clubs and celebrating with your bridesmaids, it’s still important to plan a party that is safe. To enjoy letting loose without putting yourself or others in danger, there are a few tips to follow for a memorable night out.

1. Plan a Buddy System

When going into large crowds as a group, it’s important to keep track of each other by pairing two different people together for a reliable buddy system. This will prevent anyone from getting lost, especially when alcohol is involved.


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BacheloBachelorette Party Songs & Playlist 2015 | Bachelorette Party Ideas

Should You Invite Your Mom to the Bachelorette Party?

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You love your mom and she’s your best friend, but she just called and asked if she can come to the bachelorette party — now what?


Well, there’s no right or wrong answer here. It all comes down to your relationship with your mom and if you and your friends are comfortable with the idea.


If your first thought is “Of course!” then the answer is really simple — invite her along!

Traditionally, having moms in tow hasn’t been the norm, but recently, an increasing number of brides are having them along for the fun.


Simply put, it’s your wedding and you should have whomever you want at your bachelorette party whether it’s going to be raunchy or relaxed.


But if you’re uncertain or downright against your mom attending, then you may need to handle the situation a bit more carefully.


First of all, it’s totally okay to say “no” to this request (in the nicest way possible of course), even if you’re not having the heavy drinking, sex toy gift-giving, all-night clubbing kind of bash.


Here are more tips for how to tell mom she’s not invited to the bachelorette.


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Survive Your Bachelorette Party

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Survive Your Bachelorette Party Regret-Free: 4 Rules to Follow

Bachelorette Party Tips

Photo: Christina McNeill

The No. 1 rule to any bachelorette party is simply “have fun.” But too much of a good thing can lead you to remorse the next morning. So before you embark on this big party, here are four rules to follow to keep the fun factor high and the regrets non-existent.

Rule 1: Drink your body weight in water.
Not really, but repeat after us: For every alcoholic beverage you drink, sip an 8-ounce glass of H2O. Not only will this plan keep you from getting can’t-get-home-drunk, it will keep morning headaches at bay and you hydrated and refreshed for whatever you must attend the next day, whether that’s your rehearsal dinner or the big day itself.

See More: 6 Bachelorette-Party Alternatives for a Bride Who Doesn’t Drink

Rule 2: The closer the party is to your wedding, the tamer it must be.
Speaking of the next day, plan accordingly. If you plan to party the night before your wedding, perhaps your girls’ night out is best spent at the spa. Because while staying hydrated may keep you fresh the following day, nothing can replace lost Zs. And no bride wants to nod off at her reception!

Rule 3: Do not allow yourself to be tagged in photos.
This epic adventure must be documented — but the evidence should not end up on social media. Institute a “no tagging” rule, in which all your bridesmaids agree that extreme images will only be shared privately and not on Facebook for your wedding guests and grandmother to see.

Rule 4: Go phone free. 
Alcohol and adrenaline-fueled adventures don’t necessarily lead to smart decisions — and with an easily-accessible cell, you could be tempted to call your fiancé every five minutes with the evening’s play-by-play. It’s better to leave your phone at home or, if you must take it, in the hands of a trustworthy and responsible friend.


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Guest List for a Bachelorette Party

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Guest List for a Bachelorette Party

Often girls wonder who should be invited to a bachelorette party. There are no hard and fast rules about who to invite and who to exclude, but a few key tips will help you decide who is an appropriate guest.

First, what do you do if you are having a very small, intimate wedding? Is it appropriate to invite girlfriends to the bachelorette party who aren’t invited to the wedding itself? It is a tricky issue to determine who can be invited to the bachelorette party if they aren’t coming to the wedding. Technically, coworkers, neighbors, and other female friends who won’t be at the wedding can be invited to the bachelorette party, even though this isn’t appropriate for a bridal shower. However, there are a few keys to inviting these people. First, make it clear that presents are not required, and they are being invited simply because the bride values their friendship. Next, make it clear that this isn’t an implicit invitation to the wedding. Express the reason – is the wedding a destination event, or being held at a very small local church? Have the bride and groom decided to only invite family? Whatever the consideration, be up front with your bachelorette party guests so that they can attend or decline the invitation to the bachelorette party knowing all the facts.

Another tricky issue can be inviting mothers or grandmothers to a bachelorette party. What do you do if the mother of the bride assumes she’s invited to a bachelorette party? T hat all depends on what kind of bachelorette party is being thrown and how close the bride is to her mom.

If the bride herself wouldn’t feel like the party is complete without her mom, by all means invite her to the bachelorette party. If the bachelorette party is a spa day or something else low key, that is an appropriate event to include moms, aunts, and grandmothers.

However, it is also completely acceptable to make the bachelorette party “girlfriends only.” This can be expressed delicately to the mother of the bride or any other family members, and using the term “girlfriends only,” usually helps. This works best when the bride wants a bawdier party, such as a night out at bars and clubs where a mom or grandmother may feel uncomfortable or out of place.

Who must be included on the bachelorette party invitation list? First and foremost, anyone the bride wants invited to her bachelorette party must be invited, no matter their relationship with the hostess of the party. If two friends aren’t getting along, they should both be invited if the bride wants them to be there, and if they are real friends they’ll suck it up for one night and celebrate with the bride.

Also, every single bridesmaid must be included at the bachelorette party. It would be rude and insensitive to single out any bridesmaid as unworthy of being invited to the bachelorette event, and there is no reason to cause trouble among the group in that way.