Simplify Your Bachelorette Party Planning

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Are you struggling to plan a bachelorette party for one of your friends?  With the regular demands of life – work, school, kids, spouses, keeping up you home – planning a party is usually the last thing on your mind.  If you have committed to planning a bachelorette party but haven’t been able to get things together, you can still throw a wonderful bachelorette party with a few quick tips.

First, consider if you are pressed for time, consider buying a pre-packaged bachelorette party kit.  While they may compromise creativity, a bachelorette party kit saves you tons of time by doing all the shopping with one quick purchase.  Bachelorette party kits, depending on the kit and the price, can include things like utensils, paper plates, napkins, banners and other decorations, party favors, and items for the bride to wear like a tiara.

Next, try enlisting a network of helpers.  Bachelorette parties are more informal than bridal showers, so you are free to ask for the help of other bridesmaids and party guests.  If you are having trouble doing all the bachelorette party planning on your own, try a potluck party idea where each guest brings some refreshments, or a twist on potluck where each guest brings an article of clothing for the bride to wear during the night or each guest brings one decoration (after you have given them a clear theme or color scheme). 

You can also ask other bridesmaids to chip in to help cover the cost of the party, or you can plan an event at a restaurant where each girl pays for her own meal and chips in to cover the bride.  A party out at a restaurant also has the bonus of requiring little prep beyond confirming that the restaurant can handle your group.

Other time saving tips include sending invitations for the bachelorette party via email, such as through the evite website.  You can enlist the help of other guests through email too, which will save the hassle of endless phone calls between the girls.  You can simply start a series of emails that everyone can read and comment on.

Another time saver is to go straight to the source of the party – the bride.  While you never want the bride to actually plan her own party, if you are stumped for ideas, you may simply want to do a little gentle questioning to get a sense of exactly what she expects so that the planning efforts you make are worth it.  With some basic guidance you can get a sense of whether or not the bride wants to hit the bars or stay at home with popcorn and chick flicks with her girlfriends.

Even though planning a bachelorette party can be difficult at times, when you bring joy to one of your closest girlfriends it will all be worth it.  Spread the planning duties among several friends, and the task will seem more manageable, and you might even be able to have fun at the party!

Destination Bachelorette Parties

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Destination Bachelorette Parties




Boys have been doing it for ages – taking all the guys off to Las Vegas or another destination spot for their bachelor parties. It is no wonder, then, that girls are now getting in on the act and having destination bachelorette parties. A destination bachelorette party can be a great way for the girls to get away for the weekend. It provides lots of bonding time, a wide variety of activities to keep busy, and a fun time! Another wonderful point about a destination bachelorette party is that it gives the bride a great way to reduce stress with her girlfriends in the middle of the wedding planning craziness.

The most popular spot for an out of town bachelorette party is Las Vegas. It is a party land for adults, and proves to have many activities for bachelorettes. The party can include almost anything you want to do – seeing a show, doing great shopping, and having wonderful dinners out. Vegas also is a prime spot for more wild activities, including male strip clubs and bars and clubs for drinking and dancing.

Las Vegas has a large number of spas, and many poolside retreats for the girls to relax as well. If you don’t want to go to Vegas, other spas are a great option for a girl getaway. Spas are popular with bachelorettes because they are relaxing, and woman friendly. Many popular destination spas even offer bachelorette or group discount, and the bachelorette party can take advantage of this savings. Spas are located in almost every city throughout the country, so there is sure to be an option anywhere you want to take the bachelorette party.

Other options for destination bachelorette parties are tropical beaches. The girls may decide to spend a weekend at the beach in California, Florida, or even somewhere in the Caribbean. These trips depend largely on how much money each of the party attendees is willing to spend for a weekend away with the girls. If you do plan a tropical outing, plan gift bags for each girl with things like a beach towel and sunscreen, to give your bachelorette party weekend a uniform theme of fun in the sun!




When planning a destination bachelorette party, you really must be clear on the plans to coordinate an entire group of girls. First, see what the other bridesmaids are willing to pay for the weekend away. It is best to limit the guest list for a destination bachelorette party to around five or six girls at the most. If you take too many girls with you, it will be difficult to coordinate.

In addition, it is important to discuss with the girls who is paying for the bride’s trip. Traditionally, the bride doesn’t pay for any part of her bachelorette party, though it is appropriate to ask the bride to pay for a small portion of her destination bachelorette party expenses. Also, remember to include the bride herself in all the major destination decisions, as you don’t want to pick a location or a date that don’t work for the honored guest of the weekend!



How to Plan an Inexpensive Bachelorette Party

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Let’s face it, weddings are expensive.  Even for guests and especially for bridesmaids.  You have to buy an engagement gift, a bridal shower present, a wedding gift.  You have to buy your dress, your shoes, and pay to travel to the wedding sight.  You are usually left feeling like the wedding was a real drain.  Then, you realize you have to participate in throwing a bachelorette party. But, a bachelorette party is supposed to be a fun celebration of the friendships between women, not a monetary drain that stresses everyone out.  Instead of focusing on an expensive bachelorette party, like a trip to Vegas, a day at a special spa, or a night in a limo, you can opt for a cheaper, yet still fun and exciting bachelorette party.

One great way to cut costs when planning a bachelorette party is to make sure that all the party guests chip in.  Bridesmaids often pool their resources to make the party a success, and by spreading out the cost, it isn’t overwhelming for any one girl.

Other keys to keeping a bachelorette party at a low price tag is to have an at home party.  You can buy alcohol cheaper at a liquor store than paying for drinks in a bar.  Food can be as simple as ordering pizzas and baking some cookies.  Decorations can also be low cost.  You can make a room really sparkle with just some balloons and a few banners, anything that signifies “bachelorette party!”  A color as the theme helps keep decorating a low cost endeavor.  You can choose pink or red, for example, and use streamers and balloons to decorate.

A bachelorette party at home can also have lots of inexpensive party games.  Print out free online bachelorette party bingo cards; play truth or dare (which is free!); or make up a group story about the bride.  Take turns telling your funniest story with the bride, or just gab about boys and the upcoming wedding.  These are great bonding activities, but they don’t cost money.  The bachelorette party should be more about the bonding and the time you spend with close friends than expensive pre-made party games or food from a caterer.

As for presents for the bride, at a bachelorette party they are optional.  It is often more fun to have gag gifts, which are usually very inexpensive.  Buy her a tawdry romance novel.  Give her a bottle of massage oil.  These are items that are bachelorette party appropriate but won’t break the bank.

As for party favors, those too can be inexpensive, like the large lollipop rings shaped like diamond rings.  Or, nail polish for each girl to use when giving herself a pedicure and manicure during the course of the evening.  These items are girl, fun, and very cheap as they can be bought at any discount store.

Remember, when you are planning a bachelorette party you are planning a fun event, not one that will be measured by how much money you spent on it.  The party is more about the girls involved than the dollar amount, and you don’t have to go broke to share your job about being friends.

Great At Home Bachelorette Party Games

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Great At Home Bachelorette Party Games




You have a guest list. You bough party favors and snack food. You brought a great present. But will the bachelorette party you planned for your best friend or sister be a success? It will if you have a ready supply of fun and slightly naughty bachelorette party games!

bacheloretteBanner01How do you start your party off right? One great idea to help break the ice at a bachelorette party is to create a group story. Have all the girls at the party sit in a circle, each taking a turn to say a sentence that makes up a funny story about the bachelorette. A girl can start with “Once upon a time, there was a bride-to-be and . . .” If a girl can’t think of anything to add to the story, she moves out of the circle, and the last one left gets a prize for her creative talent!

Another good bachelorette party game is to gather an advice bouquet for the bride. Make construction paper flowers with pipe cleaner stems attached. Have each party guest write advice for the bride on the flower, and collect and present the bride-to-be with her bachelorette party advice bouquet. The warm wishes and good tips will be a welcome gift. This idea also works well at a bridal shower or engagement party.

Another low key bachelorette party game is a game to determine how well each guest knows the bride. Before the party, ask the bride-to-be a series of questions, you can ask her fiance the same questions as well. Then, ask the questions to the party guests, and see who can get the highest number correct. Questions can be simple, like “what is the bride’s favorite color,” can relate to the couple’s relationship, “where did the bride and groom go on their first date,” or can be a bit bawdier. The game can be completely tailored to suit your party, with simpler questions if the group knows the bride from different areas of her life, to more intense or naughty questions if the party guests are all very close friends. If you are looking for commercially packaged bachelorette party games, the internet has a plethora of choices. Some of the best ideas include things like bachelorette party Madlibs, which takes the classic Madlibs concept and incorporates bachelorette party specific stories. Your guests plug requested word types into the story, and then you read the hilarious results, just like how we all played the game as kids.

greatbacheloretteAlso, when guests arrive you can give them a set of rules not to violate for the night, like cussing, saying the fiance’s name, or their own boyfriend or husband’s name, using words like wedding, bride, or bachelorette, or drinking before the bachelorette drinks a sip from her glass. When a guest violates any of the rules, she has to give a quarter to the “wedding fund” and the bride gets to keep all the money collected at the end of the night.

This quarter-back game of tolls can be fun at both an at home party, or if you and the girls are out on the town.





Are Bachelorette Parties for Good Girls

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Are Bachelorette Parties for Good Girls?

A lot of brides wonder, can I have a bachelorette party and still be viewed as a good girl? Many mothers and grandmothers advise their daughters that only “bad” women have bachelorette parties, and that a girl’s reputation can be tarnished by a wild night out on the town. So, these older women say, don’t have a bachelorette party at all.

However, for most modern brides, a bachelorette party is a right of passage, and a fair deal since the groom will undoubtedly have a bachelor party. Why should the boys be the only ones who get to celebrate the last days of being single?

Unfortunately, there is a tension between a traditional bachelorette party that may include strippers, random strangers at bars hitting on the girls, suck-a-buck tee shirts, and other penis shaped party favors, and maintaining some sense of dignity. For a lot of women, the thought of a wild bachelorette party with a male exotic dancer seems too risqu� for it to be a fun night, and would make it a tedious exercise rather than a memorable adventure. Instead, many women opt for a stay at home, low key bachelorette party. This may be a great solution for girls who worry that they aren’t being a “good” fianc� if they go out and have guys hit on them all night, buying drinks for the bachelorette and making lewd comments. Instead, a bride-to-be can have a bachelorette party that is focused more on celebrating being a woman and having the women around her who mean the most.

This type of bachelorette party should be specifically requested if a bride is demure. No need to take a chance that one of your bridesmaids will think you want to go out to clubs and bars, if what you really want is a quiet night in. For a more simplistic, “nice girl” bachelorette party, it is great to focus on time with the girls in a way that seems more infused with class and propriety.

The party can be planned with pink as the theme – pink decorations, foods, and party favors, and guests wearing the girly hue. You can plan activities such as spa treatments, at home pedicures, or lighthearted games that are not bawdy as many bachelorette games tend to be. Another option is to host a bachelorette party slumber party, complete with pizza, sleeping bags, and girly movies. The point is that you can remain a “good” girl, and still celebrate your womanhood and fleeting single status with your girlfriends. Bachelorette parties don’t all have to be about wearing tight fitting clothes and flirting with strangers. Instead, the focus can remain on what makes the bride feel comfortable, supported, and loved by her bridesmaids and other female friends.

A small, intimate, at home bachelorette party may be the perfect solution for making the bride feel as though this right of passage has upheld her beliefs and allowed her to remain true to herself. Bachelorette parties can be whatever you want them to be!

Planning a Bachelorette Party For The Bride To Be

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Are you charged with planning bachelorette party for your friend, the bride?



Ask her what kind of event she’s looking forward to because you don’t want to embarrass her.  At the same time, you don’t want a “princess event” when she’s looking forward to a walk on the wild side.  In either case, planning bachelorette party can be a big affair.

The bachelorette party has become a substitute or an addition to the traditional shower.  While the shower might feature older relatives and friends, the bachelorette party is for the “girls” a bride hangs out with.

When planning bachelorette party, you should know that some of these events are of the “cakes and tea” variety.  Decorations will include pastel streamers and hearts.  The theme will be romantic and gifts may include household items that the bride will need if she is setting up a home for the first time.  In many ways, this kind of party is just a shower for the younger set.

Other times, planning bachelorette party will involve pampering the bride and her wedding party.  Perhaps an in home bridal make up demonstration will do the trick.  Other times, a trip to the spa for all of the guests makes for the perfect party.  In this case, gifts that reflect the luxurious nature of the day – soaps, perfumes, etc. – are most appropriate.




Some brides, picking up on the more decadent tastes of their male counterparts, will want a sex-themed party.  This may involve male strippers either as an at-home event or as a party to Chippendale’s.  If it is an at home party, themes and decorations may be quite crude.  Gifts, as well, can reflect the sexual nature of marriage and exotic lingerie is always welcome.

Other times, the “girls” go out to a bar for a last night out.  The bride will be given a checklist of events she must do that evening including kissing a man with the groom’s first name, getting a single guy’s phone number, and more.

Destination bridal showers are becoming popular as well.  When planning bachelor party away from home, consider what the bride wants.  Is she looking for the ultimate spa experience in Scottsdale, AZ, or is she wanting to party in Vegas?

But, as brides and grooms find that they don’t want “one last fling” as much as they want to celebrate their commitment to each other with both their male and female friends, you may find that planning bachelorette party involves the groom as well.

The so called “Stag and Doe” or “Jack and Jill” parties involve all of the bridal couple’s friends.  They are also used as fundraisers for the wedding sometimes.




As far as finances go, you should never expect the bride to foot any of the bill.  The guests should chip in for her portion.  Considering that the guests must cover their own bill as well as a portion of the brides’ planning bridal party must keep a reasonable budget in mind.

It can be a lot of fun planning bachelorette party.



Bachelorette Party Idea Don’ts

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Things to avoid at a bachelorette party

Bachelorette parties can be a ton of fun if the ladies all get along and its planned accordingly. But honestly, there are so many things that can go wrong, usually at the fault of one of the bridesmaids, that can ruin what’s supposed to be the brides last night of freedom before her big wedding day.

The last thing you want to do is be the reason why your bride doesn’t have a good time, right?! Please take my advice and try your absolute best to prevent yourself from doing these few things when you’re attending an amazing bachelorette party.

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Top 5 Bachelorette Party Themes

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Soon your closest friend is getting married and you are wondering, what to do? Well!! would not it be a great idea to throw a bachelorette party for the bride to be?




Here are some fun bachelorette party themes to make your party rocking and impress your friends and the maid of honor. With these theme ideas your bachelorette party is sure to be a memorable event.

Ante Up Bachelorette Party Idea: Let’s face it, marriage is a gamble. So why not hold the bachelorette party fun at a casino or racetrack? Most have a nice restaurant, and you might want to see a show or book rooms overnight. The great thing about gambling parties (other than the free drinks) is that some may walk away with enough money to pay for the bridesmaid dresses, a wedding present, or • ” even better • ” another girls’ night out! Just remember the odds are against you, so if betting is your thing, put down only what you can afford to lose.

bacheloretteBanner01Slumber Bachelorette Party Themes: How about getting together at a friends place or in a hotel room for an old fashioned slumber party. While sending out the invitations, inform your guests to bring their PJ’s along with them. Rent some retro John Hughes movies something like pretty in the pink or may be sixteen candles. Talk about each others first crush and most embarrassing moments and have a hearty laugh. For more grown up fun you can also play kids games with a grown up twist. Like breaking a pinata filled with sexual goodies.

Tropical Bachelorette Party Themes: Depending on the time of year, and your location, you can have a “tropical” bachelorette party. Plan a beach or pool party, complete with Hawaiian leis, little plastic cups with the paper umbrellas, and have a great time. Different activities such as hula contest, pinata, and much more can help bring your tropical bachelorette party alive. Bring food out to the event, or have a bonfire so that everyone can participate.

Outing Bachelorette Party Theme: Some bride to be may prefer a more decent night out with her close friends. This theme bachelorette party requires minimal preparations. If you want you can arrange for a jazz club, a casino or may be a concert. If you want you can also arrange for an elegant dinner party or even a wine tasting event would be great. Search for places which might help you with special accommodation and make it a memorable night for you as well as your guests.

Sporty Bachelorette Party Themes: If you’ve got an athletic bride, don’t try to force her into drinking girly drinks and wearing a veil. Instead, be active. You’ve got many fun choices. Take everyone out to see a minor-league ball team, or arrange a tournament of the bride’s favorite sport.

Other possibilities are round of golf, Go camping, A yoga class, A long bike ride where the less-athletic guests can meet you for a picnic. Follow these with replenishing food and beverages when they’re over.

Tips to Remember when planning a Bachelorette Party

greatbacheloretteBefore planning a bachelorette party, keep in mind the likes and dislikes of the the bride to be.

Date and time of the party needs special attention.

To enjoy a party it is not necessary to have drugs and alcohol.

Planning a bachelorette party does not necessarily involve a wild night or drinking tons of alcohol. It can just mean sharing each others likes and dislikes and having a heart time together.

If you are planning to throw a bachelorette party which will involve loads of alcohol. Then proving transportation to all your guests should be a good idea.

You can and probably should start with dinner, either at someone’s house or at a restaurant. Plan ahead and Have a great Bachelorette party!


Perfect Las Vegas Bachelorette Party

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Las Vegas Bachelorette Party



Heading to Las Vegas?

We’ve got you covered with our favorite picks and insider tips on how to make sure the bachelorette’s last fling before the ring is one to remember!

Where to Stay – The Cosmopolitan offers modern accommodations with amazing views of the Las Vegas strip. You’ll love the chic vibe of this hotel that boasts amazing restaurants and three different pool experiences, including the Marquee Dayclub.

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How to Throw a Bachelorette Party That Doesn’t Suck

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Bachelorette Party Surprise or Not?


If the party isn’t going to be a surprise, consult with the bride when you assemble the guest list. Do take costs into account especially if everyone will be asked to contribute. Plan the event while taking into consideration the budget of all those who will be paying for it.

Bachelorette Party Stripper

Try to determine whether the bride will be offended by a stripper before you hire one for the party.


Make arrangements for a paid driver or limo service if the bachelorette party will involve drinking. Alternatively, rent hotel rooms for the group to crash in when the evening is over.

Tame Bachelorette Party

bacheloretteBanner01How wicked can the bachelorette Party become while discussing kitchen appliances, especially in the presence of female relatives?

In recent years the tradition of bachelorette parties as a fun event has been gaining steam. Friends and members of the bridal party treat the bride-to-be to a girls’ night of fun, independent of housewares!

If there are presents, they are usually slightly naughty, gag gifts. Sometimes these parties attempt to copy male bashes by taking the bride to Chippendales-type strip clubs, or hiring private male strippers for the party.

But many bachelorette parties are just fun outings for the bride, her bridal party and her closest girlfriends.