Bachelorette Party Ideas San Francisco

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San Francisco has no shortage of trendy restaurants, stylish hotels, or sexy nightclubs, making the Golden Gate city the ultimate bridal party getaway. Check out these bachelorette party venues and girls’ night ideas for Bay Area brides.

Where to Relax
Located in the beautiful Scarlet Huntington Hotel, The Nob Hill spa is the ideal place to get some R&R with your girls. Their groups department is amazing; they’ll cover everything from booking treatments to arranging meals in a private group spa suite. Make sure you leave some time in the schedule to check out the breathtaking views from the indoor infinity pool and patio.

Where to Stay
With modern, stylish rooms and an upbeat lobby scene, the W San Francisco is a great choice for a group of girls looking to have fun. Its downtown location makes it easy for you to get to and from all of the city’s best destinations. Read real brides’ reviews here!

Where to Dine
Mamacita is a trendy eatery that has consistently been voted the best Mexican food in the Bay Area. Ambient lighting and a lively atmosphere make this restaurant the perfect place to start your night. Their specialties include crispy chicken tacos, churros dipped in Mexican chocolate sauce, and of course, margaritas!

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14 Bachelorette Party Ideas & Themes

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 14 Bachelorette Party Ideas & Themes

WEDDING.THEKNOT.COM — If the thought of competing with the guys and putting your hands down a strange man’s pants leaves you considering the convent, don’t give up hope on having a great bachelorette party. You, too, can celebrate a friend’s last days of as a single girl in an all-out fun way. Here are 14 of our favorite bachelorette party ideas.
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What to Wear for a Bachelorette Weekend

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BRIDALMUSINGS.COM — We’ve the perfect treat this morning, to ease you into the week. Our resident style-maven Bené Eaton takes us through her utterly chic guide to packing for a hen weekend or bachelorette party. Enjoy! In the weeks leading up to the big day, there’s nothing more fun than going on a fabulous bachelorette getaway.

26-year old Bride-to-be killed in car crash minutes after SELFIE

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NOLLYWOODNICE.COM — A bride-to-be Collette Moreno ,26(in light blue) was killed in a car crash minutes after taking the selfie above with her best friend. Moreno and Ashley Theobald, also 26, who were going to her bachelorette party and listening to Taylor Swift without a care in the world when they got stuck behind trucks with fumes.


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Bachelorette Party Etiquette

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The Bachelorette Party

A batchelorette party is a pre-wedding celebration in honor of the bride that traditionally is an opportunity for guests to give her gifts to help set up her new home. While the types of gifts and themes have become much more varied in recent years, the general format remains the same: a daytime women-only event in celebration of the bride’s upcoming marriage.

Who Hosts the Bachelorette Party?

The bridal shower is usually hosted by the bridesmaids, the bride or groom’s mother, or other close female relatives. If family members aren’t available to help plan, the bridesmaids should step in to help take care of some of the arrangements. No matter who is hosting, be sure to communicate clearly to make sure you aren’t planning two separate showers!

Who Is Invited to the Bachelorette Party?

As with other pre-wedding events, the guest list should be limited to people who are also invited to the wedding. For the bridal shower, this usually includes the bridal party, the bride and groom’s mothers and sisters, aunts, close female cousins, and grandmothers. Often other female friends are included, though the number invited depends on how large the event is intended to be. If the shower is going to be a surprise, the maid of honor and the bride’s mother should work together to come up with a guest list they think the bride will be happy with. Otherwise, they can have the bride assist them with the guest list, then keep her out of the rest of the planning.

When Should The Bachelorette Party Be Held?

Usually the bachelorette party is held between three months and two weeks before the wedding. Choose a date that is convenient for both the bride and her guests of choice, whether that means hosting something a little farther in advance or planning it to coincide with a trip home or another get-together, such as a bachelorette party in the evening after an afternoon shower. No matter the selected date, make sure that the bride has put together a wedding registry before the invitations are sent out so guests can purchase gifts.

Bachelorette Party Venue?

If the bride still lives relatively close to home, the shower can be held in her hometown. Does she live in another state? It may still be more convenient for the bride to travel to her shower if most of the guests live locally, instead of asking the entire guest list to hop on an airplane. The specific location depends on the type of shower and the host’s budget. It could be in a friend or family member’s home or backyard, at a local restaurant, or somewhere more specific if the shower has a theme (such as a cooking school or a wine tasting room).


What Is Included?

Whether or not you opt to have a themed bachelorette party, the general outline is usually the same: Food, drinks, a few games, and an opportunity for the bride to open gifts surrounded by her guests. Of course, the traditional inclusions aren’t required! You could play games like Gift Bingo or designing wedding dresses using rolls of toilet paper, or you could instead plan an activity-oriented shower like a spa day or a calligraphy lesson. Don’t love the idea of opening gifts in front of everyone? Speak up! Those gifts could be set aside so you can open them at home along with your fiancé. Speaking of your fiancé, they often arrive toward the end of the shower (with flowers in tow) as a surprise for the bride. It’s a sweet way to include him in your celebration, as well as help you get those gifts home!


Bachelorette Party Ideas

Wild weekend bachelorette parties

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wild weekend bachelorette partyYes, wild weekend bachelorette parties are important.

It’s not all just inflatable penises and matching T-shirts. It’s a cry for ceremony.

Lobster rolls, oysters, bloody marys, and plastic cups of beer filled the long, rough-hewn tables at Cisco Brewers on Nantucket last weekend. People sitting on similarly rustic stools sported various versions of the preppy New England summer uniform: white pants, gauzy beach cover-ups, salmon-colored shorts, light blue button-downs.

But five or so different clusters of women wore uniforms of a different kind. The color of the matching T-shirts varied from group to group, but each had some sort of nautical motif and a slogan like “Brides Mate,” or “Setting sail before the veil,” or “Let’s get ship faced”—seriously. I am not making this up. In each group, one woman wore a white version of the shirt, offsetting her as a bride-to-be.

They were all bachelorette parties. They were all undoubtedly time-consuming and expensive. Many of the women looked miserable. And yet, lots of brides have a blow-out bachelorette, and lots of bridesmaids and close friends go.

Why do we keep going to these things if we’re so wary of them?

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Best Bachelorette Party Ideas For 2014

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Here are 6 Great Bachelorette Party Ideas fitting for 2014. The Bachelorette Party is no longer “just” your last girls night out!

bachelorette party ideas

Bachelorette parties are all the rage right now. Gone are the days when only boys would have their fun with Stag bachelor parties, we women have devised a number of ways to have our own share of fun that can top the males’ parties any day. There are so many wacky ways to enjoy this bridal ceremony when the bride is treated to a variety of entertainment options by her close female friends and family members. Here are some great bachelorette party ideas listed below:

  • Dress code: As far as the dress code is concerned, it’s always better to stick to a theme, besides a theme makes for a good photo op! Make the dress code as per the bride’s likes and preferences. So if she loves working out, make it a workout themed bash or a princess themed one if the bride is still stuck in her teenage years mentally. You could also do something innovative such as design tees with wacky quotes or dialogues that the bride frequently says. You could also design the tees with “I <3 [nickname here]” printed on them with the bride’s pet name to make it all the more personalized.
  • Set up a karaoke machine: Getting drunk in a bachelorette party is a sure thing. But what do most people love to do after they are drunk? Sing! Have a karaoke machine set up for all the ladies to feel like pop star queens of the night and sing through the merriness of it all.
  • Hiring a mystical arts expert: Ladies love the mystical arts, be it tarot card reading, astrology, numerology, graphology or crystal ball gazing. So hire one or two such experts and thrill the attendees with the forecasts about their future. Rest assured, if nothing, this station would be offering enough entertainment for the night
  • Strippers are old, comic acts are in: Strippers are too mainstream and are mostly taken as a granted part of the wild bachelorette party night. If the bride is not comfortable with the idea of strippers, then hiring a stand-up comedian to entertain you folks would be a great idea. Laughter, good food, singing, dancing and drinking; what else does a bachelorette party need?
  • Get kinky with gifts: A bachelorette party isn’t complete until it experiences some naughty fun. Instruct each guest to get a naughty gift, be it a sex toy or lingerie or a dirty worded greeting card and place them all in front of the bride. Let her guess which gift is from whom as she unwraps each one of them blushing furiously!
  • Involve the groom: Guests could surround the groom an hour or so preceding the commencement of the wild night and vide record the conversation as each of them asks a question about his fiancé. Make sure they are a little novel and wild as he would be able to say the right answers for common, tame questions. “When did you’ll last get cozy?” or “Who’s her most hated celebrity?” could be some of the questions. Screen the conversation to the bride at the party but not after she has guessed her fiancés answer. If their answer matches, then the rest of the party has to take a shot and if their answers differ, then the bride has to do whatever the party demands of her.

For more ideas, see Bachelorette Party Ideas Ebook.

Bachelorette Party Essential Personas

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5 Essential Friends

While the definition of the “perfect bachelorette party” may vary greatly from bride to bride, everyone can agree that the most important ingredient is a great group of friends to help you celebrate. If you’re starting to think about your own bridal bash, keep in mind this very important list of the five friends every bachelorette party needs.

The Shutterbug
If it wasn’t photographed, it didn’t happen, right? Well… no, but this pal seems to think so. While you might find her snap-happy ways annoying at times, in the end you’ll be grateful to have a collection of photos from one of your most beloved wedding events. Just one little disclaimer: Make sure she knows what you’d like kept off social media well in advance of the party.

The Party Starter
No bachelorette party is complete without one firecracker to spice things up. This friend loves to crank up the tunes, pour everyone a drink and make sure the mood is festive (all necessary ingredients for a successful bash).

The Fearless One
You know the friend — she’s the one who’s never afraid to approach a group of strangers, get an upgraded seat on an airplane or politely inquire about an on-the-house bottle of bubbly for the blushing bride. In short, she’s never afraid to ask for what she wants and she’s the perfect girl to have by your side as you soak up your celebrations.

The Mom
A fourth round of body shots with that rowdy bachelor party always seems like a good idea at the time, but alas … it’s usually not. Make sure there’s at least one levelheaded friend in your corner that knows when it’s time to shut the party down.

The Planner
It’s a harsh reality, but bachelorette parties don’t plan themselves. Enter, The Planner. This friend is Type A in the very best way. She’s never met a to-do list she didn’t like, and loves to organize down to the smallest of details. While she may not get all the glory she deserves, the party wouldn’t go on without her — which kind of makes her the most important pal of all!

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