Timeline for Bachelorette Party Planning

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To make sure you are a wonderful bachelorette party planner, you should follow some tips on what to plan and when.




Three months before the bachelorette party, ask the bride what she wants, or doesn’t want. Will it be a night out on the town with drinking, dancing, and debauchery? Or does she prefer a quiet weekend with the girls, or just a nice dinner out? Does she want a living room bash, or just pizza and pool at her favorite college bar?

Establish the comfort level of the bride with various bachelorette party options. Does she want naughty, or nice? Get her to define exactly what she has in mind and outline her boundaries. After all, the bachelorette party is for her, so you don’t want her to feel uncomfortable. Several months in advance of the actual bachelorette party, set the date. Shoot for a weekend night at least several weeks before the wedding. Check the date not only with the bride, but also with other bridesmaids to make sure it works for as many girls as possible. At this point, also pin down the guest list for the bachelorette party.

bacheloretteBanner01Two months before the party, send a casual save the date email, and double check to make sure there aren’t major conflicts among the party guests. If it is a destination bachelorette party, send specific information about the details to the guests.

Brainstorm possible game plans and party stunts with the bridesmaids, leaving these details a surprise for the bride. If the party will be at a hot spot or out of town (the only Chippendale’s club in town, a popular tapas bar, a cabaret theater, South Beach, a rock concert, someone’s beach house), make reservations, order tickets, and deal with lodging and transportation details. Start planning at this point for transportation, especially if the girls will be drinking. Either get a volunteer to be the designated driver for the night, or research rending a limo or find a reliable taxi service.

Now is also the time to book any exotic dancer or other entertainment if you are hiring someone for the evening.

One month before the bachelorette party, send invitations. Emailing or calling is OK if the event is informal; make sure your invitations inform guests of any monetary contributions you are expecting.

If you’re going with the standard pub crawl, devise the itinerary. Start out with dinner at a rowdy restaurant where it is OK for the bride to wear her tiara and the shirt you make for her. Map out the establishments you want to visit, and let the girls know the list in case anyone has to arrive late. Make sure you ask about drink specials and bachelorette freebies at the bars you plan to visit. If you’re partying at home, help the hostess plan refreshments and activities. Make a shopping list and divide up bachelorette party prep among bridesmaids.

greatbacheloretteOne week before the party, buy last minute decorations, party favors, etc. Make a list of the games you want to play at the bachelorette party, with rules and how-tos.

Confirm all the RSVPs, transportation arrangements, and bachelorette party entertainment.

The day before the party remind guests of the meeting place and time, reiterating the address. Now, just get plenty of sleep so you can enjoy the bachelorette party!
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The links in this post are ads and we’ll receive a commission if you shop through them

The links in this post are ads and we’ll receive a commission if you shop through them

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